Tuesday, June 2, 2015

PR Vacation, Day 1

I woke up with the alarm on Monday, June 1. I had it set for 5:00 a.m. I shaved, showered and got dressed. I finished the last bits of packing, double-checked everything and then headed to the airport. I arrived long before my traveling companions. So, I got my tickets, but didn't go through security. I just sat and waited for them.

They finally showed, along with a guy pulling a cart with their luggage. Along with three suitcases and carryons, they also brought a small stroller and a big car seat! Vicky took Lenore's advice and checked the car seat in at the gate.

There was some sort of major snafu with their tickets. Originally, we were all in the same row, with me on one side of the aisle and them on the other. But, it turned out it was an exit row. So, they scattered them around the plane. I felt bad for Myla who is only eight and on her first flight and had to sit between two guys she didn't even know! I'm sure it was uncomfortable and somewhat scary. Also, it took Vicky forever to get the ticket stuff sorted out.

And then there was the usual hold up in security. They all got through okay, but I had to wait (again forever) for a male TSA agent to pat me down. I told the one guy they had better hurry or I would miss my flight. And we damn near did!

But we made it just in time and settled in our various seats. The trip to Charlotte was uneventful.

Then we boarded the flight to San Juan. This time Vicky, Yanessa and Myla sat together nearer the front and Evy and I sat across from each other in an exit row. That flight took over three hours.

We finally landed and...NOBODY CLAPPED!!! WTF???

We got our luggage but no car seat! Turned out Vicky should have claimed it at Charlotte and then checked it in at the gate again. But, they eventually loaned her one until hers arrives (probably tomorrow).

We waited in the humid, hot air for a long time while Vicky went to fetch the rental car. We, of course, had all dressed for the 46 degree Michigan weather we left in the morning, and even Evy said she was too hot. I reminded her that she was the native, so it shouldn't bother her. But, I found a Coke machine and bought a bottle of cold water for them to share while we waited.)

We finally loaded up the SUV she had rented and headed for the hotel, The Sheraton Old San Juan Hotel. We checked in and headed up to our rooms. They were on the top floor and, just down the hallway, was the outdoor swimming pool. Nice!

I put away most of my stuff and relaxed a bit. I was starving and I knew they were too. So, when they were squared away (they changed clothes, but I didn't), we met back up and walked to a nearby Puerto Rican restaurant. It was called Mofungo (sp) something or other. I ordered the carne frita (fried pork chunks with onions) with a side of arroz y habichuelas (rice with beans). Vicky and her Mom both ordered the mofungo del pollo (smashed plantains with chicken inside) and the rice and beans as well.

After eating, we took a long walk. Old San Juan is very hilly, with lots of stairs or inclined roads. We walked along the boardwalk and saw a HUGE Carnival Cruise Line ship. I never realized just how big those suckers were!!!

I finally got to hear some of those famous Puerto Rican frogs!

When we got back to the hotel, we said our goodnight's and split up. After a bit, I went down to the lobby to ask about coffee filters. On the way back to my room, I ran into Vicky, Yanessa and Myla. They said since it wasn't that late, Myla wanted to go swimming and did I want to join them. I said, "Sure, sounds good!" So, I put on my suit, grabbed a towel and met them at the pool.

The water wasn't clorinated, it was salt water! I've heard of that somewhere, but this was my first time.

So, we splashed and swam and played. After the long plane ride and the long walk, it felt wonderful. We quit when Yanessa lips started to turn purple.

I took a shower to get the salt off me and then started on the Blog. It wasn't easy (but I knew it wouldn't be) and it was after midnight when I finished and went to bed.


  1. Glad you made it safely! Have tons of fun...it sounds like you already are! Love ya!

    1. Lots of walking :( but doing fine so far. Tell Jake to repost his comment. Found I can respond via the smartphone. Don't know what's up with the tablet. Dad

  2. I asked why the PR frogs are famous.

  3. Because they are only found in two places in the world, here and Hawai.

    But only the PR frogs "sing." They make a sound like "co-keet"