Thursday, June 25, 2015

Saturday's Story

Saturday’s Story (three days late… Freaking sue me! I have faithfully filled out this stupid Blog (does anybody really care what I ate for lunch) every damn day since Jacob made it for me. I think I can take a few days off, every now and then…

Seriously, I actually enjoy writing this. It’s like therapy or something for me.

Saturday held two main events: The Detroit Zoo walk in the morning and the graduation party for Sam and Mike, my sister Anne’s son Johnny and his wife Brenda’s twins.

So, I woke up to the alarm, grabbed a cup of coffee and hit the shower. Then I got dressed in my comfortable pants, walking shoes and the official company-supplied shirt and cap. Then I hit the road.

I had a vague idea where the zoo was (I think the last time I was there was maybe 25 years ago) but I’d been there before, so I found it.

By the time I walked in from the parking lot, reconfirmed my registration and walked to the distant pavilion I was directed to, I was already tired of walking!

But, I found some friends, and the “continental breakfast” (I didn’t partake – there is nothing worse than walking when you have to poop). I did grab a half cup of coffee and sat down with Vicky, Evy, Yanessa and a new addition to our accounting team (sadly, I forget her name already) and her husband.

Sidebar: This walk was to help sponsor Cornerstone Schools. I have no idea what that means. Nor did I realize I was supposed to coursue (sp) you all to contribute money for my walk. Who the fnck would bet on an old cripple to make a 2K walk, anyway?

They said there was 208 folks from my company. Sadly I only recognized three of them: Susan Bridgman from HR, (who sponsors this event ever year), Fawn Fouche (who I hired, years ago, based on her Aunt’s recommendation) and a guy who I recognized but for the life of me I couldn’t remember his name.

Vicky took her obligatory selfie and we headed out. We walked… and we walked… and we walked… 

We soon lost all contact with the company walkers although there were occasional sightings.

My favorite thing was the bison. I saw them roaming free out in Yellowstone back in the ‘70s. I muttered “Hoka Hay” to these guys under my breath. I didn’t want to explain a Sioux Indian greeting to Evy. I had enough trouble explaining what a yak was!

My biggest disappointment was the wolves and the polar bears. Both were a no-show.

I took a photo of Yanessa next to a freaking huge python. I had to smile when I realized I took a picture of her Mother taking a picture of her as well.

Three hours later (seriously – I learned my lesson. Never ever go to the zoo with a two year old. I mean I love the kid, but she wanted to see EVERYTHING!!!)

We finally ended up in the butterfly house. I took a photo of a red and black butterfly. 

Then I noticed Vicky was making a video. So, I tried that. I made the most boring video ever! There were butterfly’s everywhere but none of them flew into my camera. I looked at it in disgust and stuck my phone in my pocket. Just then a huge (I mean like six inches wide) blue and black butterfly landed on my shoe. He sat there for a minute and flapped his wings, but by the time I got my phone out, he was gone. It’s been a long time since I was fascinated by American Indians, but that was definitely a sign.

I’m probably just going to die…

Vicky had laughed at my photo of the Newburg Grille chili dogs I posted to annoy Jake and Carla. But she said their chili sucks compared to Duly’s. I told her I knew that, having eaten at both the American and Layfette coneys in the “D”. But I never heard of Duly’s.

So, when we left the zoo, I followed her back to Mexican Town.

Sidebar: Never do that. She still drives like she’s in Puerto Rico. Which means she hasn’t any rules. Which meant I was cutting people off and having them blow their horns and giving me the finger just trying to stay up with her.

We didn’t go straight to Duly’s We stopped at her Mom’s house and Evy carried in a totally crashed Yanessa. I’d never been there before, but I recognized the chairs I gave Evy. Then Vicky hopped into my truck and we drove a couple of blocks to Duly’s.

Sidebar: This place is definitely old. It opened in 1931. It’s like 15 feet wide and has like a 50-foot counter. You had to squeeze by people waiting on take-out orders. There were two tables way in the back, next to the kitchen. We sat at the counter, of course. I ordered a coney and fries. Vicky wanted breakfast, so she ordered an omelet, but she asked them to pour the chili on top of her hash browns.

She was right (I hate saying that, BTW), but that was the best chili I ever tasted. I wolfed down my food without taking a picture of it. But, next time they are up here, I am definitely taking Jake and Carla here. 

It was raining like hell by the time we left. I dropped her off and used their bathroom. Then I headed home. I didn’t get off at Inkster but went to Kroger’s at Merriman and 5-Mile. I bought a huge bone-in ribeye steak. Then I went to Westborn and bought some sweet corn and green onions. So, I had my Father’s Day supper complete. Then I stopped at the corner gas station and filled up the truck. I bought some Cope from my little Arab friend. It was after 3:00 p.m. when I finally got home. I couldn’t hardly move, so I had to blow off Sam and Mike’s graduation party in Washington, MI. But, I stuck some money in two cards I’d bought and sent them in the mail.

Then I went to bed for the rest of the day.

Meanwhile, my biker chick friends were cruising Ohio. 

I knew they ran into heavy rain and felt bad until Stephanie posted this picture on Facebook on how they were coping.  I pictured them all sitting under an overpass, not in a hot tub.


  1. Thanks....what makes the chili different? Looks good

    Thanks for the update...thought you were gone!

  2. I'm not sure exactly. But, it was a noticeable difference.