Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Puerto Rico Photos (finally)

Go to:

The ones with captions are mine. The others are some of Vicky's. with Evy's yet to come. 


  1. The captions are in the upper right-hand corner below Shaggy.

  2. The pictures are wonderful. Thank you for posting them. Glad you had a great time!

  3. @ Jake: thank you for the help.
    @ Carla: Thanks. I did have me a time!!!

  4. Looks like quite the adventure! Cool castle, adorable kids, interactive waterfall (that's neat - not having to see it behind a guardrail but I would've stayed off the wet rocks, too.), that's a cool mural on the house, never saw a pineapple plant before (did you eat any of the fruit?), impressive cathedral, I like the lions, too. Who's the guy with the cane that kept following you around? Where my frogs at?

  5. I ate the cherries and the baby bananas (both raw and fried). I got a hunch that the excellent coffee Mundy made was home grown, but I never verified that.

    Not sure who the cane guy was or why he kept photo-bombing us. I haven't forgotten the frogs.