Saturday, June 27, 2015


I thought I’d go into work on Friday as well. I was pretty sure I could do a two day work week. It was tough, but I made it!

I had some business to do at lunch, so I didn’t have time to go eat. Instead, I stopped at Westborn and grabbed some chicken noodle soup. I was torn between that and the clam chowder, but the chicken noodle won out.

I ate that (or rather slurped that – you can’t just “eat” hot soup) at work.

Mike brought Aiden (Courtney's son) in and I had fun playing with him. Vicky came up to see him, and remarked that Yanessa would have been jealous, seeing him sitting on my lap. Cute kid and surprisingly heavy...

When I got home, I changed clothes and went out back. I cleaned out the lower gutter over my patio. This time it was harder as this stuff was now dry. So, after I pulled out as much as I could, I got the blower and tried to blow out the rest of the pine needles and maple seeds. Then I used the blower to get the crap all out on the grass.

Back inside, it was after 6:30 p.m. I warmed up two ears of corn and two brats for dinner and made a complete pig of myself.

I watched the rest of the news. Then I tried to cut down my taped show list (it’s up to 93%), but I got tired of that. So, I finished the night reading in bed.

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