Saturday, June 20, 2015

Finally Friday!!!

So, I woke up late on Friday and had to hustle into work. I made it but just barely. 

I went to Time Out for lunch and got one of the specials: a quarter-pound cheese burger for $5.99 and, instead of the fries (which I don’t need), a bowl of the “Mexican Beef Stew.” The beef stew was stuffed with jalapenos peppers and some odd dumpling mix.

Sidebar: Mexicans make dumplings? I thought that was more Germanic or Polish. Which brings up fish tacos. I like fish tacos. I love a good fish taco! But, are they real? I mean, America seems to “twist” or “create” our own versions of various culture’s food (think Taco Bell – which I also love, BTW!) So, were there fish taco’s 100 years ago in Mexico or is this something SoCal made up? Sign this part of the post: Epicurious. I suppose I could check Snopes, but I no longer trust them, thanks to Jake.

Anyway, I ate about half of stew and the cheeseburger. It was a beautiful summer day, so I took a relaxing drive though Hines Park. But then I remembered my truck was dirty. So, I went and got it washed before returning to work.

The afternoon passed slowly as they always do on a Friday/payday. But I finally was headed home at 5:00 p.m.

I treated the cat and changed clothes. Since it was payday, I paid some bills online and updated my check register and budget spreadsheets. I watched the end of the Nightly News instead of cleaning out more gutters.

When I got hungry, I toasted some bread and made myself a fried egg sandwich (with cheese, please).

My back was hurting, so I moved to the living room chair and read until bedtime.


  1. Please tell me you made the fried egg sandwich with butter...right? XO

  2. Of course! You only use olive oil if you are Italian or a heathen...