Friday, May 1, 2015

Thursday's Late Post

I woke up to the sound of rain on Thursday. It wasn’t raining hard, though. I drove through light rain into work.

There was a bag on my desk. WTF? I looked and it contained four squeeze bottles of Red Pelican hot mustard.

Sidebar: If you remember, the only place to still get this is in Howell. Well, Courtney had a doctor’s appointment (she’s 20 weeks pregnant) in Howell yesterday, so she picked them up for me. It cost me $20, but if I get some cold cuts or (groan) liverwurst this weekend, it will be worth it!

I needed to go to Kohl’s and Lowe’s in Westland at lunch. So, (after yesterday’s disappointing lunch) I decided to treat myself. I know it’s expensive, but I went to Famous Dave’s BBQ. I got the burnt ends sandwich with a small (small!) side of potato salad. With tip, it cost me $15.00, but I paid it gladly.

Delicious!!! And, I’m worth it!


I went to Kohl’s and bought a smaller suitcase on sale. I always over pack when I visit Jake and Carla and I realized that the last time I was there. So, I bought the same brand, but the next size smaller suitcase. I can barely lift the other suitcase (Jake and Carla have to help me with it) and I don’t want to deal with it myself in Puerto Rico.

I also bought a vinyl shower curtain with metal eyelets for the upstairs bath. The plastic piece of shit plastic ones I bought are okay for the downstairs shower stall, but not for my main bathroom.

I stopped at Lowe’s and got a small blade screwdriver. I swear I have one, but I can’t find it. And, I need it on some of the cabinet doors.

The afternoon went slowly (as they always do). It kept on sprinkling and I walked inside again in the afternoon.

I drove home in light rain, but was stopped on Inkster. There was some sort of “wide-load” truck problem and cops and everybody having to merge and I got home 20 minutes late.

I changed clothes and started the Wednesday night was (a day late). Then I went out and chipped away at the cabinet doors, LOL.

That got old quick, so I came back inside and warmed up some pasta.

I decided to finally call back my daughter Melissa. As I repeatedly have said, my home phones are screwed up. They no longer ring. They also blink like there is voicemail, but when I check, there is none. So, I have taken to ignoring them. So, I miss calls from both Melissa and my friend B___.

Anyway, I called her and we had an old-fashioned long talk.

When I hung up, I went in and read a book until bedtime.


  1. Why did you groan at liverwurst? When you woke to the sound of rain did you wonder how far off?

  2. I groaned because I love that stuff!

  3. What does it taste like? It's it slices or more like pate?

  4. No, its like pate and comes in a round tube.