Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend, Day 2

Since I went to bed so early, I naturally woke up early (which annoyed me). I tried, but couldn’t fall back asleep. So, I got up, made a cup of coffee and read a book until the news came on at 6:00 a.m.

I made some soft boiled eggs for breakfast.

I finally got off my lazy butt and shaved, showered and got dressed. Then I headed out for some last minute errands. I went to Target, Home Depot, Kroger’s and finally Costco.

Back home, I unloaded the truck outside and then pulled it inside (security concerns). Then I changed clothes and got to work.

First on my list was to blow off the porch and the garage apron. They were littered with those damn maple seeds (the helicopter thingies). Next, I checked on the mailbox garden. “Something” is growing back (I think it’s the daisies) so I weeded it and watered it. I also trimmed the two bushes under the maple tree out front.

On the way back to the garage, I noticed the downside of stripping the cabinet doors on the lawn.

Dammit! I thought I was being smart. From now on, I do it in the driveway!!!

Inside the garage, I took the drawer front off of the damaged drawer. Now all I have to do is get off the damn foam insulation.

I went out back and opened the shed. I ran the tractor motor for a bit and then drained the oil. I serviced the push mower last fall, but not the tractor. After all the oil was out, I refilled it with fresh 30 weight oil. Then I took off the air cleaners. The paper one still looked white, so I just blew it off with the air compressor. The inner foam one I washed with dish detergent and warm water, squeezed it dry, added motor oil on it and squeezed out as much as I could. I reassembled everything and then put the tractor away.

I blew off both patios and the concrete pad by the bird feeder. I noticed the ferns were covering up poor St. Francis, so I cut them back so he could watch over my yard.

I had gone to Home Depot to buy one of those vegetable trays for the grill. I have lost my fair share of veggies through the grates. The only one they had was a Weber. It was stainless steel, cost too much and looked too big. I was really hoping for a cheap one, but I bought it anyway.

So, I tried it out. It fit (just) but not the fancy handles. You don’t have a whole lot of surface area on a state park grill. I was going to just take it back but then I had an idea! I took it in the garage, put each fancy handle in the vise and bent it straight. Problem solved!

I also went up in the attic and got the bottom tray of my warmer. I figured I’d use it like the lid of a regular grill for smoking the ribs.

About 2:30 p.m., I preheated the oven to 350 degrees and lined a half sheet try with aluminum foil. I took out the ribs and took off the cling wrap. I stuck them in the oven and set the timer for 1 1/2 hours.

I took a break and watched some DIY shows.

When the timer went off, I left the ribs in the oven and went out to start the charcoal. I also dumped some hickory wood chips in a bucket of water.

I cut the ends off of a bunch of asparagus and tossed them in some olive oil, salt and pepper. I spread the hot coals out and added my vegetable tray. I threw on the asparagus and grilled them to perfection!

Next I grilled a T-bone steak for today’s supper. I took that inside when it was done, topped it with a pat of butter and then tented it with aluminum foil to rest.

I threw on the wood chips and put the ribs on. I covered them with the warming tray bottom and let the smoke happen.

I went inside and plated my dinner. 

Now my plan was to eat just half the steak (saving the other half for leftovers) but I didn’t eat lunch and breakfast was almost 12 hours ago. So, I ended up eating the whole thing! Oh, it was excellent, but that’s not really the point, is it?

And, I spent too much time eating. So, when I went out to turn the ribs, I’d burnt them on the bottom. At least it was the bone side and not the meat! I added more wood chips and flipped them over. Then I put the “lid” back on them.

I didn’t leave them on very long (this time). They were already fully cooked, I just wanted the smoky flavor.

When I judged they were ready, I pulled them off and took them in to cool. They are Memorial Day’s dinner, you see.

I cleaned up the mess and went in to catch the last of the news. I decided I’d done enough today (I nailed it!) so I took the rest of the evening off.


  1. The food looks excellent! You are working your butt off this weekend! Keep up the good work.


  2. Thanks! But, I'm just trying to catch up...

  3. You are a grilling fool. But agree with looks excellent!!!!!
    Happy Holiday to you!

  4. Nice veg tray! I can see where it'd be hard to do without it. The grill doesn't look as bad as infomercials have led me to believe...