Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hump Day

It was raining when I left the house, but after yesterday’s sweaty afternoon (from wearing my rain coat at lunch), I left the rain coat at home. I don’t mind being damp from rain, but I don’t like sweaty.

All this Cinco de Mayo stuff had left me craving some good Mexican food. I thought about that little place on Ford Road (the grocery store/restaurant) but then I thought I’d like to go to the place near my house. I asked Vicky if she wanted to come. She said she’d brought her lunch, but would give it to me for my dinner if I drove.

I told her the place was small and filled up quick at lunchtime (I know that because I used to go there when I worked at our Building 50) and we left at 11:45 a.m. So, we went to the Old Mexico Restaurant, on Five Mile Road between Middle Belt and Inkster. The rain had stopped, BTW.

There were two tables left when we got there right at noon. But there was an additional problem: half of the tables on one side were pushed together and filled with older folks. We guessed it was a retirement party. But, NONE of them had food yet. We eventually got some tortilla chips and salsa but no waitress to take our order.

People kept coming in, seeing no tables and then leaving, so I was glad we left early.

So, we sat there, and sat there and sat there. I seriously regretted not going to the Ford Road place. But, the company was good and we talked about flipping houses and where we both were on the first one.

Finally we got to order. I picked my favorite: beef enchiladas.  She picked the three eggs scrambled with Chorizo sausage, served with steamed flour tortillas. Both came with refried beans and rice. Mine was excellent and she seemed to enjoy hers. But we got back to work about 15 minutes late.

The afternoon passed slowly, and I burped a lot (again, LOL).

When I got home, the first thing I did (after treating Caley and changing clothes) was to go out and check the rain gauge. Between yesterday and this morning, I had close to an inch of rain in it! Unfortunately, that made my grass EXPLODE!

I couldn’t do both the front and back (that’s a 3-4 hour proposition), but I dug out the push mower and cut the front lawn. Then I got the string trimmer and cleaned everything up.

While I was out there, I notice the tulips were blooming.


The peonies were growing nicely.

And the daffodil bulbs I’d planted last fall had bloomed, but the rain had beat them down.

I went back to work on the old doors. In case you don’t really understand the challenges I am facing, I took a picture of the painted-over hot mess for you.

I worked until after 8:00 p.m. When I shut everything up for the night, I warmed up my Puerto Rican dinner. I added a small salad (Romaine lettuce and cherry tomatoes) to it and dressed it with Italian dressing (Vicky’s suggestion - everybody's a foodie these days). My entree was chicken pieces in rice with some beans. It was delicious, with that strange but now familiar seasoning.

I went back to the taped shows and watched the rest of NCIS New Orleans. Then I went to sleep (my legs hurt and my nose was starting to stuff up from cutting the lawn).


  1. What about a heat gun?

  2. Your flowers look beautiful! I love me some tulips!

  3. @ Jake: Not sure. This would just make a gooey mess
    @ Carla: Me too! I have to plant more this fall.

    Sidebar: I have to stop trying to comment when I'm late for work, LOL

  4. When your English garden is done doing whatever flowers do to get ready for the season, could you take some pics? Include a wide shot for perspective. All I could find on your blog was close up stuff. Thanks.