Friday, April 24, 2015


It was cold on Thursday. 35 degrees F. at lunchtime! I went to the Big Boy on Six Mile and Newburgh and got the veal parmesan with a Caesar side salad. I couldn’t finish all the pasta, but it was excellent!!

The wind picked up in the afternoon. That, the cold and the occasional bursts of light snow put an end to my hopes of cutting the front lawn.

But, when I got home, I did dig out the mower and the gas can before I pulled the truck in. That way I can take advantage of the next time the weather gods smile on me. The front lawn really needs cutting!

Sidebar: Maybe a little less fertilizer this fall?

I watched the news. Since I had a big lunch, I wasn’t really hungry. So I just made myself a fried egg sandwich.

I turned on the Red Wings game and watch them blow an early 2-0 lead and lose in overtime. Disgusted, I went to bed.

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