Friday, April 17, 2015


The sun must have come up on Thursday, but I couldn’t prove it. It was gray and overcast.

Sidebar: When did grey turn into gray? I’m still confused!

But, it was still warm and I walked outside in the morning.

I went to Ten Yen for lunch and got my usual (Chicken Sub Gum) with Won Ton soup, hot tea and chopsticks.

Sidebar: I’m getting better at the entrée, but still had trouble with the rice. I eventually gave up and ate it with my fork.

I did Google this and Asian rice is made with more water, so it’s sticker than ours and they can grab a hunk. Apparently, this has been lost on Ten Yen…

Sidebar: My fortune cookie said, “Magnanimity will bring you universal respect.” I thought about it and decided that I was magnanimous.

I walked outside in the afternoon, but it was windy and smelled like rain. Sure enough, it started sprinkling around 4:00 p.m.

So, I drove home in a light shower. But, it was enough to dampen (see what I did there?) my enthusiasm for working outside as I’d hoped.

The damn cat threw up on the bed again. So, I picked up the hairball, treated it with Shout, and stuck it in the washer.

It was raining harder, so I thought I’d address the rust problem on my bird bath. It’s a metal birdbath with a little fairy in it that Jake and Carla gave me years ago. But, Michigan weather has not been kind to it. So, it’s rusted in several places.

So, I got out my drill motor and two wire brushes. I spent about an hour in the garage, just on the bowl!

When I came inside again, it was 7:10 p.m. The news was over, so I made dinner. I made the exact salad as I had two days ago. But this time I used the yogurt blue cheese dressing.

Note: the Bolthouse Farms (the yogurt blue cheese dressing) is not as thick as my Wishbone, so watch it when applying!

Taste-test result? As Jake claimed, the lighter yogurt really lets the blue cheese come out. Combine that with the fewer calories and I think I have a new favorite!!!

I finally got the bedspread dried (it’s thick and usually takes two times), so I made the bed. I watched TV until I got sleepy and then went to bed.


  1. Is the bird bath after pic waiting on you finishing it completely?

    Yea, I forgot to warn you about the consistency of the dressing.

  2. "The distinction between British grey and U.S. gray developed 20c."

    That’s not from Google; it’s from a dictionary.

  3. @ Jake: No, I plan on showing it when its finished being wire-brushed and then again when I paint it. I'm gonna try and match the original paint as closely as I can with Rust-o-leum.

    The yogurt salad dressing did come out a whole lot quicker than I am used too. But, I caught it in time!

    @ Jyl: Thank you. I am not sure but I swear it was grey when I was a kid...