Sunday, April 5, 2015

"Something" Saturday

Sidebar: Why do you have names for Holy (or Maundy if you’re English), Good Friday and Easter, but none for Saturday? Is it like “Waiting around Saturday” or something?

Anyway, I digress. I woke up on Saturday around 5:00 a.m. I went downstairs, fixed a cup of coffee and read on the couch until my hosts started stirring. I ate a cold piece of pizza for breakfast while I waited.

Around 9:30 a.m., Jake and I went shopping. He needed dog food and I wanted a full helmet for the motorcycle. The half-helmet I had sounded good, but never quite felt “right.” It made me feel top-heavy or something.

Now, had I gone for one back home, I’d have to go to bike shops and it would have cost me $200- $30.00. But, Jake has a bike accessory store near him.

So, we went there and after some trial and error, I got a great one that was on sale for $63.00!

Back home, Jake went and cut the grass. I volunteered to trim the back (he already had the front done) so I did.

For dinner, we had brats topped with cold sauerkraut, a variety of mustards, oven-fried shoestring potatoes and cottage cheese.

I was the only one who went with a bun. They cut their brats and topped them on the plate.

I went to take a bite out of my brat and it flipped up, hitting me in the face! I ended up with yellow mustard in my mustache and up my nose.

I managed to wash the mustard out of my facial hair, but the mustard up my nose was persistent!!!

Sidebar: Forget Nasonex! If you really want to clear your nasal passages, just squirt yellow mustard up your nose. Whew!!!

We finished watching  “The Book Thief.”  It was depressing, but what else would you expect from a movie set in Germany during World War II?

We watched two comedy specials (both hilarious, but I forget the two comedians names) and then went to bed.


  1. Jake and Carla, I brother was always a "Mustard up the nose" kind of guy.......

    Happy Easter

  2. Thank you. Suddenly, all this searching around for Red Pelican makes sense.

  3. @ GPF and Jake: I'm not talking to either of you!

  4. “Sidebar: Why do you have names for Holy (or Maundy if you’re English), Good Friday and Easter, but none for Saturday? Is it like “Waiting around Saturday” or something?”

    It’s got a few different names, but the official name is Holy Saturday.

  5. @ Jyl: That makes no sense. Why Holy Thursday, then? Every freakin' day can't be called "Holy." I think it should be called "Waiting around for Jesus to do SOMETHING" Saturday.

  6. Sidebar to Courtney: This is why I don't Google everything...

  7. You forgot Holy Wednesday, and I’ve no idea why folks stuck with one word but I’m confident Google had squat to do with it (don’t be hatin’).

  8. @ Jyl: I was informed by Vicky's mom after I bombed a Puerto Rican dish that "You just can't Google everything!" So, I'm sticking with that statement (I fear Puerto Rican women!)

  9. Wasn't there a Stones song like that? "You Can't Always Google What You Want."

  10. @ Anon: I think you're right! Good beat and fun to dance to.