Wednesday, April 8, 2015

On the News...

Charleston, South Carolina, the new Ferguson!


  1. I saw this one as the opposite of Ferguson. Video shows exactly what happened, the bureaucracy acted swiftly, and there’s nothing to see here until the accused receives the fair trial he deserves. Perfect. My heart goes out to the loved ones dealing with the aftermath of this, though.

  2. True. Maybe they'll luck out and NOT get Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, Jr. (posers!) leading marches.

    BTW, kudos to the yet unnamed person who had the balls to keep recording that video. He could have turned and shot them too.

    BTW, speaking of Ferguson, I might point out that, in spite of my many haters on Facebook, three separate investigations (even one Federal one, as commissioned by President Obama, himself) all determined it was a righteous shooting. Black lives do matter, but not if you're trying to wrestle a gun away from a cop. So, put your hands down and shut the fnck up!

  3. I don’t give a damn what Jackson has to say about anything, but Sharpton only shows up when the Families ask him to and there’s been an uneven application of the law, which wasn’t immediately clear in the Ferguson case. I doubt Sharpton will show up in S.C., though, because the overall system seems to have worked as it should. Like I said, nothing to see until the trial.

  4. I think Al Sharpton is a complete asshole. But that's just me...