Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hump Day

Wednesday started off nice, weather-wise, but it slowly went downhill.

I wanted to go to Kohl’s at lunch, so I debated on where to eat. Then I had what I thought was an inspiration! I’d go to Applebee’s. It’s been years since I was there, but they had a “two-fer” menu (you get a choice of any two items) I was fond of.

Big mistake!!! They no longer even carried the sandwich I liked (even though you only got half) and the French onion soup (which I loved) was now only on the upscale“two-fer” menu that costs two dollars more.

But, I bit the bullet and ordered the onion soup and a half of a sorta club sandwich. I told the waitress I was pressed for time and please bring me my bill with my food.

The food took forever. When she finally brought it, she forgot my bill. I reminded her and she said she’d be “right back.”

The soup was as good as I remembered. The sandwich was just so-so.

She eventually brought my bill and (eventually) brought my change.

The upshot was I overpaid for mediocre food and, (forget Kohl’s), barely made it back to work before 1:00 p.m. NO MORE APPLEBEE’S!!!

It was warm, but the clouds had thickened and it smelled like rain. So I was afraid to leave the windows cracked in the truck. By the time I got home from work, I had given up all hope on cutting the back grass.

So, I went out and coiled up the extension cord and put away the battery charger.

Sidebar: It was at 100% on the display, so I assume my battery is still okay.

BTW: There were two photos I forgot to post yesterday regarding setting up the battery charger, so here they are:

My neighbor called me from over the fence. He said that his family was all coming in from out of state next Saturday. He’s having a wake for his Dad at his house. He wants to put up a tent between his deck and my fence. It will just fit, but the ropes holding it up will have to be staked in my yard. He asked if I minded and I told him, no, of course not.

He said he would fix my garage problem after that.

Back inside, I put up the one shower curtain in the downstairs bath. I took down the one in the main bath, but didn’t put up the new one. It’s too cheap (my bad).

I warmed up some of the pasta and ate that for dinner. Then I watched the Red Wings get eliminated from the playoffs. Damn!


  1. Applebee's is terrible. We went with my brother a few years ago and it was really salty and overpriced mess.

    I'm glad you were able to get outside even with the smell of the raining coming :)

  2. Re: Applebee's, I was p*ssed. It was good to be outside, but something set off my late-in-life allergies and I had a stuffed up nose all day :(