Saturday, April 4, 2015

Good Friday

I woke up on Friday at 5:330 a.m. (a more reasonable time). Jake left for work and I had a waffle with butter and maple syrup for breakfast.

It was sunny and warm, BTW.

Jake came home around lunchtime. Not to eat lunch, but to switch his car for the motorcycle. Smart move!

Carla and I went out to lunch at Sakura, her favorite Japanese restaurant. She had sushi, while I went with my favorite, the Udon noodle bowl.

I struggled (again) with the chopsticks and burnt my mouth (again) on the hot broth. I couldn’t finish it all (I never can) so I shared some with Carla.

Sidebar: Carla had a brilliant idea, watching me fight with my chopsticks. She suggested that, since I eat at Ten yen almost once a week, I should ask for chopsticks there so I could practice and become proficient.

Lunch was fantastic!

Back home, we relaxed until Jake got home from work.

Now, the original dinner idea was to make brats and eat them on buns, topped with sauerkraut, with a side of oven baked fries. Sounds good, right?

But, it was too hot (84 degrees) and the A/C was on. So, heating up the oven seemed like a dumb idea.

So we went with two pizzas (thin crust meat lovers and hand tossed Hawaiian), one side of wings with blue cheese dipping sauce and another side of breadsticks and their dipping sauce.


Sidebar: The only time I eat pizza is when I’m down here (or they have it at work). I like it, but I never order it. I dunno why…

We started watching a movie (The Book Thief) but stopped it when we got tired. We’ll watch the rest tomorrow…

I read a little in bed and then went to sleep.


  1. What is "Udon noodle bowl." ???

  2. Udon noodles are made from thick wheat flour and are about double the thickness of the thickest spaghetti.The broth of the soup is usually made from chicken stock, dashi, soy sauce and mirin. There are greens in it (like won ton) and one whole hard boiled egg. Just before serving, its topped with fresh sliced shiitake mushrooms. Delicious!

    The problem is two-fold. One, its served in a cast iron bowl, so it NEVER cools down. And, two, you have a small spoon (for the broth) but have to eat the fat, wet, HOT noodles with chopsticks!

    One good thing is you are supposed to slurp the noodles. Of course, with hue fat noodles burning your lips, there is no other way to eat them but slurp.

  3. Oh, it is. If you ever get to a Japanese restaurant, try it. You will like it!!!