Saturday, April 25, 2015

Finally Friday!

It was cold here on Friday morning: 29 degrees F. at Metro! The official record for this date was 27 degrees, so we got close. Hey, if you can’t be warm, you have to revel in the cold.

Sidebar: They said it was 22 degrees in Mt. Clemens, so my brother Carl beat the record!

However, the upside was that it was finally Friday and finally sunny.

I went to lunch early as I had to go to the Credit Union (and Friday at noon at the Credit Union sucks). I managed to get in and out and still had time to stop at Time Out for a bite.

I ordered off the specials menu (I usually do) and got the 1/2 pound bacon and BBQ sauce cheeseburger. I substituted the fries for some chicken noodle soup.

Sidebar: I often wonder if I’m really saving any calories by going with soup instead of fries. I think I am, plus I love soup. But, I don’t know… Noodles, thick broth, chicken and veggies? That’s not exactly low-cal!

But, Nancy, my waitress brought me a bowl instead of the cup I’d asked for (they all love me). So, I ate that, chatting with Mandy (the other waitress today).

I was full before Nancy brought out the burger. So, I did something I rarely do. I cut it in half and asked for a take-out box. I ate the one half. It was fantastic, but messy. Thick- cut bacon on top of melted cheese on a fat burger drenched in BBQ sauce – perfect!

I packed up the other half (including the pickle I couldn’t eat, lol!) and wished everyone a good weekend.

The afternoon passed slowly (as Fridays-Paydays always do). But I finally was headed home. The sun had super-heated the truck cab, but it was only 53 degrees outside.

I got home, treated the cat and changed clothes, while watching the weather. Then I went outside to cut the front lawn.

Sidebar: I did wear a jacket. I’m just sayin’.

I was pleased the mower fired up on the first pull (take that, Mr. Carbon Sparkplug!)

Sidebar: The push mower has a foam air filter.  I don’t replace it. I wash it out every fall (before putting it up for the winter) with dish detergent. I squeeze the p*ss out of it and then let it dry. Next, I saturate it with plain old motor oil and squeeze it out again. Then I put it back in.

That, and the annual treatment of STA-BIL every fall seems to help the mowers over-winter.

Sidebar: I can’t speak to the tractor’s battery. I’ve had to replace it three times. If I had electricity out in the shed, I’d buy a Battery Tender, like I use on the bike. We’ll see…

I finished up out front with the blower and was inside at 7:41 p.m. I still need to rake out the front gardens, but it looked nice. Note: It wasn’t that long yet, it just looked shaggy.

I warmed up the other half of my burger and ate that while I watched some boxing. When the match ended, so did my interest and I went to bed.

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