Saturday, April 11, 2015

Finally Friday!!!

I did not sleep well on Thursday night. Tornado warnings last night made the weather alert radio go off most of the night, so I didn’t get much sleep. We did have thunder storms, but no tornado (thank God!)

Sidebar: I have only experienced the aftermath of a tornado, once. It tore through New Baltimore when I was a kid. I had a classmate, whose house was destroyed and left his younger brother with a head injury he never really recovered from.

But when the alarm went off, I reluctantly got up and went to work.

I have a new assignment. I am supposed to go through the IDC (don’t ask) and determine what documents are still relevant, which needs to be updated and what needs to be deleted.

Since there are literally thousands of documents, my boss said it would take me a year, at least. I would not disagree with her!

Sidebar: It’s funny, but most of the help desk and network documentation were written in 2005 by some guy called Jake.

But I was ruthless. No, seriously, there was nobody named Ruth I could turn to!

Unfortunately, after Bethany, nobody seemed to remember to update these insights.

And, in talking with the current LAN/WAN team, the Help Desk, or the Desktop folks, I seriously believe it would take me a least a year or so to get these things right.

I went to Ten Yen for lunch. I had originally planned on going to Time Out. But, my cubicle buddy, Courtney, (who left earlier than I did) said she was going there with a couple of her friends and planned on talking to me about work throughout lunch!  Well, forewarned is, well, forearmed. So, I skipped it.

I got my usual, but asked for some chopsticks. I did great on the main course, but the rice threw me for a loop. I got, like, three or four grains of rice per try. I eventually gave up and used my fork to finish eating.

Sidebar: I later sent a text to Carla, asking her what was the secret. She said to shovel the rice on top of the chopsticks. I didn’t think about that!

The afternoon passed slowly (as Friday’s often do). Near the end, I got an airline ticket to Puerto Rico.

Let me explain. Vicky had told me she, her daughter Yanessa and her Mom were going to Puerto Rica (their homeland) this summer. I mentioned that I had never been in the Caribbean and would love to go there. She suggested I go with them. I could sleep at her Grandmother’s farm and she would show me the sights. I jumped all over that!

Sidebar: I absolutely HATE the phrase: bucket list. But, I have always wanted to go to the Caribbean and/or Key West, (thanks to my Uncle Bob, who owned a cottage there).  So, I went for it.

I always planned on Saint Kit (years ago, I heard it from another friend that it was beautiful) but Puerto Rican room and board with local cuisine, and a built-in tour guide? I’m all over that!

Late day recollecting or reconsidering: Does grandma have running water or a flush toilet?  I kinda need to know… I watch ”Buying” Alaska, after all. I don’t need no honey-pot!

The sun finally came out (goodbye depression) and I regretted not getting the truck washed at lunch.

The afternoon seemed to take forever, but I finally was headed home. We had “High Wind Advisories” and I could feel it! The truck was definitely buffeted around on the road.

I treated the cat and changed clothes. I spent a while on the computer with my check register, adding in my paycheck amount and subtracting the automatic bills that would be paid.

I watched the last of the news and then heated up some dinner. I warmed up half of the remaining chicken breast and half of the baked potato. I ate that watching some taped shows. Then I went to bed at 9:00 p.m.

Sidebar: Oh, God! I sound like Jake and Carla!!!


  1. I'm so glad you are getting out and having fun! Enjoy the islands man...Vicky keep him in line. But I know you will! :)

  2. @ Carla: Wait a minute! What's that about? I have visited you guys multiple times since you moved down to SC and never, EVER, misbehaved! Well, there was that time in the Tilted Kilt, but I eventually restrained myself.

    My bad...

  3. PR sounds like a lot of fun. I checked and there are no Tilted Kilts in PR, so he should be OK.