Thursday, April 23, 2015

My Windsday!

It was cold and windy again on Wednesday. About 9:30 a.m., it started snowing hard.

Now, that’s not all that funny, but what was funny as the Spacely Sprocket lawn crew was out there, cutting the lawn for the first time. LMAO!

Sidebar: I need to do that as well… But, not in a snow storm.

I had to go to Best Buy to check something out, so I headed down Wayne Road at lunchtime. Now, besides Ten Yen (I’m afraid to eat Chinese for a while until Carla forgets she can’t get it in SC), there are lots of restaurants and fast food places down that way. I thought about it and decided I wasn’t all that hungry.

So, I ended up eating inside a McDonald’s. I got a quarter pounder with cheese and a medium fries. I can’t remember the last time I ate this, but it was damn good!

Next I went to Best Buy and then back to work and read until 1:00 p.m.

There were occasional snow showers and what looked like sleet at one point all afternoon. Oh, and the winds were still fierce. Pure Michigan!

Back home after work, Caley had barfed on the bedspread. Sigh…

So, the Wednesday Night Wash got delayed and I washed the bedspread, instead.

Sidebar: That was fun to say in my head and then type.

Jake and Carla called. First on the home phone and then, when I didn’t answer, on my cell. I explained to them the home phone is really screwed up and it never rang.

Sidebar: I will say this again! If you want to call me, use my cell!!!

After we hung up, I made dinner. I just heated up a can of Campbell’s split pea and ham soup and ate that with crackers.

I dried the bedspread twice and then threw it back on the bed.

I skipped the TV and read until bed time.


  1. Snow? You're kidding right? I thought it was supposed to be April showers, as in rain. I'll take not having Chinese food, thanks.

  2. No, it was snow. I should have taken a picture.

  3. OK, it is seriously time to move. Snow in April is just dumb!

  4. @ Carla: It's just Michigan...