Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Tuesday was (finally) a perfect Michigan spring day. Oh, it started out cool (I wore a jacket into work), but it ended up in the 60’s and sunny, with a slight breeze.

I took the trashcan out to the road and then headed into work.

I went to the Newburgh Grill for lunch again and got the bean with ham soup and a gyro. Both were excellent.

Then I went to Lowe’s. I picked up two clear shower curtains (Caley put a rip in the main bathroom one and the half-one downstairs has mold on it that didn’t wash off) and four primed 2-inch wide, 8-foot long lath strips.

I drove back to work through Hines Park. Nice…

When I got home after work, I retrieved the trashcan and then went inside. The damn cat had thrown up on the bedspread. So, I cleaned it up, treated it with “Shout” and threw it in the washer.

Then I changed clothes and went out back. I was going to cut the back lawn, but the tractor’s battery was dead (I was afraid of that). I still don’t have electricity in my shed, so I got one of the 100-foot power cords and my macho battery charger. I plugged the card into the only outside outlet I have (on my patio), ran it out to the shed and set the charger on “slow.” It’s too late for tonight (even on “quick”) and supposed to rain tomorrow. I guess the grass can wait.

Sidebar: Back in the day, I would have got jumper cables and the truck. But the last time I jumped the old bike, Tracey jumped all over me! She said you never jump a small battery with an auto battery. I dunno. 12-volt to 12-volt? What’s the problem? But, I figured she knew better than me, so now I don’t do that. Besides, she scares me…

So, I gave up on working outside. I went out into the garage to work on the cabinet doors. I needed to clean up the three cabinet doors that were over the stove. I used some nitrile gloves and spray degreaser. Those doors are really gross!

Now, here’s my challenge. The original upper cabinets are flush-mounted, frame and panel doors (a top rail, a bottom rail, two stiles, and a panel).

The later addition of the base cabinets look similar enough that, with paint, I think they will match.

But the ones that were over the stove were plank-style (like the old ones in my house). Now, I added lath strips to mine, just to give them some dimension. But, here, I want to match the “look.” Since they will be across the room, I think I can pull this off.  

I scrubbed them twice and set them up to dry.

Back inside, I made a simple pasta sauce from thawed out items. I fried up a diced onions and, when they were translucent, threw in three cloves of minced garlic. I pulled those out and fried up a pound of ground chuck, some diced red peppers, a smaller amount of green peppers and some diced leeks (all of which I froze last fall).

When that was cooked, I added in the onions and garlic and a big can of whole tomatoes that I crushed by hand, first. I threw in a can of tomato sauce. I stirred that up and started adding herbs. I used my hand to measure (I was making this all up, if you haven’t guessed) some oregano, basil, and some red pepper flakes. I also added a lot of black pepper (I’d been adding salt during the cooking process). I kept taste-testing and adjusted as needed.

Meanwhile, I cooked some pasta. I had half a box of penne and another half of mostaccioli (I dislike mostaccioli – its smooth side doesn’t hold sauce well). But I made them both.

When the pasta was ready, I topped it with the pasta sauce. I had thrown away my fresh grated Parmesan cheese from Westborn. So, I used my chuck of Parmigiano-Reggiano and the micro plane to top my dish.

It was fantastic!!!

I stated to watch my NCIS shows but fell asleep before the first one finished.

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  1. Thanks for the cabinet picks. Are you painting them, as well? If so, has she chosen a colour?