Saturday, March 28, 2015

Winter Returns

It was damn cold, windy and snowing when I went to work on Friday. I wore my heaviest coat and it wasn’t enough!

With my slow cooker roast and the patty melts, I have been ingesting a LARGE quantity of meat recently. So, for some reason, I have been joneing about eating a good salad. And, not just any salad (Greek salad at Newburgh Grill? Love them, but nope). The antipasto salad at Buddy’s Pizza!

Sidebar: It’s a Detroit tradition, but I have actually  never tasted a pizza at Buddy’s. I heard they are fantastic, but I always get a cup of the chicken tortilla soup and the individual antipasto salad. I never can finish the salad and bread sticks, but it’s damn near perfect.

I know it has meat in it, but I wanted that salad!!!

Sidebar: I had a relationship with a woman back when I was single in my 20’s named Rosalie.  She was a mystical, magical woman who told me once that your body always knows what it needs, you just have to listen. So, I did and still do.

I asked Vicky what she was doing for lunch (I know she loves the chicken tortilla soup and the “Little Buddy’s” pizza). But, she said she was going to the gym.

Sidebar: This would normally where I would say, “Good! You need it!” but I knew I would get punched. Puerto Ricans do NOT have the same sense of humor as Germans…

So, I went to Buddy’s alone. They seated me at a table and that’s when things got weird…

Sidebar: Things ALWAYS get weird with me! I never know why, but it’s true…

My waitress was a mere slip of a girl who couldn’t talk! When I figured that out (from her hand gestures), I asked if she had laryngitis.  She nodded her head.

So, she used hand gestures (like she was drinking and then pointed to me) to ask me what I wanted to drink.

I told her water and then added my meal order. She held up a sign with her name (so I could ask for her if I needed to, I suppose) and then went away. She brought my salad first (which I inhaled half of!), then the soup and finally the bread sticks with two dipping sauces.

Sidebar: I completely get and use the pizza sauce as a dip (think the original Godfather movie and dipping bread in your mama’s spaghetti sauce) but ranch dressing? WTF? Who puts ranch dressing on a bread stick? That’s so wrong…

The soup was fantastic (as always) but not as spicy as Michelle M’s. I ate most of the salad and half of the bread sticks.

Now, I never do this (I learned from Carla) but this time I asked for a box. I packed up the rest of the salad, the remaining breadsticks and the dipping pasta sauce. Now I have dinner tonight (no muss, no fuss).

I left a five dollar tip for a ten dollar tab. When the waitress came back and hand-motioned she would bring me change, I told her I was good and to just get better. She smiled a smile I didn’t need to interpret.

I was back at work early (which surprised me. Buddy’s is good food, but the service is slow). So, I read a book until 1:00 p.m.

The afternoon passed slowly and quietly (apparently, without Courtney or Ben around, things get quiet).

Finally, I headed home at 5:00 p.m.

I watched the nightly news until 7:00 p.m. Then I ate the rest of the salad and the breadsticks I warmed in the microwave.

I started watching “Dillinger,” a Johnny Depp movie, but really didn’t get into it. So, I fell asleep about 9:30 p.m.

I was awakened in the middle of the night by my cell phone (it was on the charger). I never heard that particular noise before, BTW. It was an “Amber Alert” for a girl in Flint.

Wow! I didn’t know my phone did that. Too damn cool! Let’s find these assholes!!!


  1. I got the same Amber Alert. Have you heard any updates about her on the news?

  2. I've had the Buddy's pizza and, if I recall correctly, it's somewhere between a traditional crust and a deep dish. Probably like a Pizza Hut deep dish. I didn't care for it.

    We watched the Depp Dillinger around the time it came out. I don't know that we finished it. Kind of "meh."

  3. @ Jyl: Saw on Facebook she was found safe in Port Huron and one man is in custody. Never even heard anything on the morning news (unless I missed it).
    @ Jake: Yeah, they say its great, but it never looked that good. Dillinger was definitely a forgettable film.

  4. BTW, you learned from the best! Just sayin.

  5. @ Jake: The Buddy's pizza reminds me of the Jet's pizza. Definitely more crust than I like (I'm a traditional, thin crust kinda guy). But, I still remember with fondness those Jet Boat's you introduced me to when we were living alone together in St. Clair. They were like the precursor to the calzones they sell everywhere now.