Saturday, March 28, 2015

Trash in the back yard...

It was too cold to work outside (or even the the garage). But, I went out back with my camera to document the crap I have to pick up.

Sidebar: I officially hate  both the "trainees" they train next door to get a job and the truck drivers who park and sleep next to my wall. Both of these folks seem to think the parking lot is their trash can, and I have to pay for it.

And I am sick and tired of it!!!


  1. Isn't there anyone you can talk to and show these pictures?

  2. I've tried several times talking with the Township. I even threatened to put up chicken wire on top the wall to catch the crap. They said the wall doesn't belong to me and they would arrest me. So, no. I usually get two or three FULL garbage bags in the spring then then try to maintain it all summer long.

  3. BTW, None of my neighbor's have this big of a problem. It's the big building to the south of me in that parking lot. The trash blows across the lot, hits the wall and swirls. The edge of the building funnels it into my yard. I've watched it happen.

  4. I was thinking snow fencing but same thing. What if you didn't attach it to the wall?

  5. @ Jake: No, I think that if it gets over the wall, it just blows everywhere (you can see the bags hung up in my trees). I seriously think I should attach a four-foot chicken wire fence to the wall (that the wind can blow through) and trap it that way. Maybe I can just get arrested and take my chances...

    Not that it's ever worked out for me so far.