Friday, March 20, 2015

Thursday’s Story

I woke up to the alarm on Thursday. I forgot to mention this but my brother Carl had told me he had a similar eye problem a while back that his doctor diagnosed as mites from his cat. His doctor (yes, he goes to them) suggested washing his face with baby shampoo! This gives you an antibacterial wash that doesn’t irritate your eyes.

So, when I was at CVS getting Carl 5 his birthday card on Wednesday, I bought a bottle of Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. I washed my face with it this morning. I don’t know if it helps, but it didn’t hurt. Except that I smelled like a baby’s butt.

I drove to work on Plymouth Road, past the burnt-out shell of the granite store.

I went to Time Out for lunch and got a BBQ cheeseburger with fries for lunch (the soup didn’t sound that appetizing). The waitress fussed over my face (of course) and told me her niece (17 months old) had just gotten her first shiner. She even showed me her picture on her cell phone. Poor little kid!!!

When I got home, I started the Wednesday (okay, Thursday) night wash. Missing work on Monday, I didn’t have enough to fill the washer on Wednesday.

I went out back and refilled the squirrel feeder. When I came back in, I started my dinner.

Sidebar: I am afraid to try the “spicy” tortilla soup just yet.

The casserole yesterday gave me the idea. It’s been years since I tasted American-style macaroni and beef goulash.

So, I browned a pound of ground chuck in the Dutch oven. I drained the excess fat and added one diced medium onion and about 1/2 cup of peppers (I didn’t have enough green peppers in the freezer, so I added in some red peppers I also had frozen. I let them get soft while I worked on the tomatoes.

The easy-peasy recipe I had called for two (8-ounce) cans of tomato sauce and two cups of water. Instead, I substituted one (28-ounce) can of whole tomatoes (squished by hand – I love that) with the juice and one (8-ounce) can of tomato sauce and skipped the water. I added that in with half a box (8-ounces) of elbow macaroni. Before I put the lid on, I put in two tablespoons of sugar, two teaspoons of salt and then varied from the recipe (again). I added a  grind or two of fresh, black pepper, a good pinch of thyme and a dash of smoked paprika (hey, it supposed to be mock Hungarian goulash, right?)

I let that come to a bubble and then turned it to simmer. I put the lid on it and set the timer for 20 minutes.

I put the clothes in the dryer and watched the rest of the evening news.

When the timer went off, I taste tested it. Hmmm… not bad. It needed more salt (but everything does with me) and was a little “thicker” than I thought it should be.

Sidebar: As I said, it’s been years since I ate this. I “think” it supposed to be somewhere between soup and pasta sauce. But, I don’t “know.”

Anyway, I dished up a bowl of it (no photo, not pretty), added a sprinkle of table salt and ate dinner. It was very, very good!

I watched the Red Wings play in Florida. Whenever it went to commercials (or between periods) I’d switch over to “From Dusk to Dawn” (one of my all-time favorites).

When the game ended (we lost 3-1), I went to bed.


  1. Haven't had that in forever. Did it taste close to what you thought you remembered (even though you Emeriled it)?

  2. John, I have so many johnson and johnson baby shampoo i would have given you some. Yanessa couldnt use it because of her sensitive skin. Everytime i look at your eye i can help but to think Pimpin aint easy! keep it 100 john. lol

  3. @ Jake: It was thicker than I thought. I knew it wasn't soup, but it was a bit too thick. I plan on fixing that tonight (in an unexpected, but inspired) method. I may be old, but I am still tricky!!!
    @ Anon: NOW you tell me! I can appreciate Yanessa having sensitive skin, but too sensitive for baby shampoo? That's like weird!!!
    P.S. I keep changing my story on how I got this shiner. The latest one was that I asked you if you were pregnant again and you socked me!

    100? You got it, kid!!!