Friday, March 13, 2015

Thursday's Story

I woke up Thursday morning to the alarm and yet another dream. This time I was drag racing in a 1965 Ford Mustang.

Sidebar: Although I did my share of drag racing back in the day, I never owned a Mustang. I did own one of the first Plymouth Road Runners (taxi cab interior with vinyl bench seats and flip-out rear windows). I ordered it months before it was available and mine had a VIN number of like “0000623.”

It weighed under 3,000 pounds and, with just the 383 cubic engine and a four speed, it was scary as hell.

I smoked a 427 Corvette once. We sat at a traffic light together. I locked my brakes and lit up the rear tires. He did the same. When the light changed, I backed off on the throttle and rolled out of the gate. He sat there spinning his tires while I walked away.

I loved that! Eat me, Chevy!

I did have speed shop redo the carburetor jets, other than that, it was stock. But, it went like a bat out of hell!

It had these torsion bars (I think that’s what they were called) that you could adjust the front end height with a wrench. So, at first, I jacked it up (so it looked bad). But I found that, after 120 mph, the whole front end got squirrely. So, I cranked it down so it would stay on the road. I pegged the speedometer (140 mph) more times than I can remember.

At that time, somebody had painted a quarter-mile start and stop on a paved road out in the boonies in New Haven. The only car that ever beat me was a friend of a friend who had a ‘68 Dodge Charger with a 440 six-pack. He kicked my ass four times (no matter how slick I thought my take-off was). The last time, we were neck and neck and all of a sudden, white smoke billowed out of his car! He blew his engine and I felt bad.

I lent the Road Runner to my brother-in-law Larry and he messed up the trans. I couldn’t afford to fix it, so I traded it in on a six-cylinder Chevy Camaro (a serious dog).

That was the end of my drag racing. Such is life…

ANYWAY, I can’t explain that dream.

I got to work on time (way before 8:00 a.m.) and got to work. I took in two containers of soup, one for Michelle M. and one for Vicky. I walked Michelle’s over at 10:00 a.m. She promised me a full review. I took Vicky’s back to her and she said, “Oh, my Mom makes this all the time.” Groan… Now I’m competing with Evy again (and she usually wins!)

I left at lunch and went back to the Big Boy on Six Mile again. This time I ordered a Slim Jim and substituted the fries with onions rings (I am still searching). The sandwich was excellent, the onion rings just so-so.

I over-tipped (as I usually do) and then went to D & D Video Transfer and picked up my DVDs of the two VHS movies Jake and Carla sent me.

Back at work, I asked Vicky to set the clock in my truck. We sat out there for a long time while she tried to remember how to do it (she has a Nissan, too, but an Altima). She finally got it and it was NOT the way my Owner’s Guide said to do it! So, I didn’t feel so stupid. Thanks!!!

It was a long afternoon. I walked outside but with the wind, I didn’t really enjoy it. It was sunny and warm, but didn’t really feel like it.

Vicky brought me her lunch (Puerto Rican Chicken with rice and pigeon peas) for my dinner. She said she loved the soup. I had told her (and Michelle) they might need to add water to thin out the broth, but she said she ate it with a fork, LOL!

Sidebar: She said her mother gets around the pasta sucking up the broth by keeping the pasta separate until just before serving. Good trick!

When I got back home after work, I was ready for a movie night. But, Caley had other plans. She had barfed on the bed and, this time, it soaked through the blanket.

So, I did two loads of laundry instead. While I waited, I loaded and started the dishwasher. Might as well get all this crap done before the weekend.

I watched the news in between. I warmed up my dinner at 8:00 p.m. It was excellent, with that weird, subtle seasoning I can’t seem to duplicate.

It was almost 9:00 p.m. when I had the bed made back up and I was tired. I didn’t want to fall asleep watching my movies (it happens more than I like to say) and I have the weekend coming up, so I passed. I watched a couple of taped half hour shows and then went to bed.

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