Monday, March 23, 2015

Sunday's Short Story

It was cold here on Sunday. I had a LOT of outdoor and garage stuff I wanted to do, but I passed.

I mostly read and did minor indoor chores. For some reason, my back was hurting like crazy, so I tried NOT to piss it off.

Sidebar: I don't have pain pills or even over-the-counter stuff, so its grin-and-bear-it.

I got out my breading pans and put flour in one, two whisked eggs in the next and then a bunch or yellow cornmeal in the last. Then I heated up my cast iron skillet with some canola oil.

I got out my two small catfish filets (I have learned that the smaller the filet, the better the taste - I don't know why).

I breaded them and then fried them. Meanwhile, I heated up a pouch of those 90 second pouches of Uncle Ben's Wild Rice.

Sidebar: Whoever invented them should get an award!!!

I drained the fish and then plated it with the rice. I slathered (SLATHERED) the fish with hot sauce and ate the best damn dinner I had in months!

Everything after that wasn't worth mentioning.