Monday, March 9, 2015

Sprung Forward

I woke up early on Sunday, so I read in bed until the news came on. I drank several cups of coffee watching the news all morning. Then I remembered I never filled in the Blog! Yikes!!!

I took care of that, then shaved and showered. Before I got dressed, I had to decide if I was going to go to Home Depot, Costco and Kroger’s or just stay home. I ended up putting my stay-at-home clothes on.

I watched several DIY shows while waiting for the temperature to rise. Finally, about 2:30 p.m., I went out and pulled the truck outside near the road. I set up my sanding station where the truck sits. I got out a mask and put that on. Then I put 60 grit sandpaper on the palm sander and started shaping the heads and tails of the two rocking horses.

Sounds simple, right? Wrong! Because you are not just sanding these big chunks of wood. You are rounding edges, smoothing curves and enhancing them enough so they look like a horse’s head and tail. Two hours and four sheets of 60 grit later, my arm gave out. Palm sanders are a bitch if you have a bad rotator cuff.

So, I opened the garage door, turned on the air compressor, blew myself off and blew the sawdust outside (which is why I pulled the truck so far back, BTW) and moved everything back. Then I pulled the truck back in.

I went inside and left my sanding crocs (the ones without holes) at the doorway. I went in the bedroom and changed into my robe. I took my clothes downstairs. I was in my bare feet and realized, despite all my precautions yesterday and today, I was walking on sawdust. Dammit!!!

So, I put my slippers on and got out the vacuum. I did the two walk-off rugs, both outside and inside the garage man-door. Then I did the downstairs. I did the two stair steps and then the whole main house.

Sidebar: As you may know, I only have the large area rug in the living room. Now, I normally just run the vacuum over it. But I recently learned that you are supposed to do it in a checkerboard pattern, one direction and then the other. It’s something about lifting the fibers (or something). So, I did that. I dunno, maybe everybody knew that but me.

I cleaned it out and put away the vacuum. Then I started the last of the weekend wash.

I realized I’d forgotten to take anything out of the freezer for my Sunday supper. In my defense, I’d planned on getting the catfish that was on sale at Kroger’s and having me a fish fry. Be that as it may, I was screwed.

So, I took out a pound of ground round, a pork tenderloin and the last of the smoked turkey breast from Honey-Baked ham. All of that can be used this week, but not today.

So, today, I made Jake’s mac and cheese with Hormel’s hot chili. I couldn’t eat all of it (of course) but man, that hit the spot!

I watched some TV, but then switched to reading until I was tired. Then I went to bed.


  1. checkerboard? I have never heard that before!

  2. Me either! But, it did seem to work better.