Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Monday, Monday…

I didn’t want to wake up on Monday, but I did. So, I went to work, for a change, LOL!

It was warmer and sunny, but with a wicked (30 mph) wind. I walked inside in the morning and didn’t notice a big change in my leg cramps.

I went to the Newburgh Grill for lunch and got a cup of the beef vegetable soup and a gyro. Both were excellent!

I walked out of the restaurant and right into Scott Pace (my old cubicle buddy Michelle’s husband) and his partner (whose name I can never remember – my bad). They were headed for the Subway (two door down from the Newburgh Grill) for lunch. They had been checking on their crew, installing furnaces and air conditioners in a new subdivision down the road.

We shook hands.

Sidebar: I have large hands. I also have over-sized wrists (I can’t buy a normal watch, for example, without buying an over-sized band). Back when I worked construction and then in the factory, my arms mirrored them. Years of working in an office have reduced my arms. But, my wrists and my hands are the same. None the less, I cannot get my hand around Scott’s. It’s like shaking hands with a 4x4!

Background: In case you don’t remember, Scott (and his partner) fixed both my furnace and my air conditioner when they went on the fritz. They are my heroes!!!

We chatted for a bit. There are already 20 homes built and already sold on the site of the old farm I used to buy my plants at. And, more coming every day! They moved on to getting some sandwiches and I just moved on.

Since it was still early, I drove down through Hines Park, looking for signs of spring. I saw an occasional splash of green grass, but no budding trees or bushes. There were three young ladies jogging so, none the less, it was a pleasant, soothing ride.

I walked outside in the afternoon. It was still windy, but warm and nice. However, my new shoes didn’t quite stop the cramping (maybe time???). So, I quit after six trips instead of my usual eight.

When I got home, I greeted my neighbor who was passing by (she’s an older, very tall black woman who arrives on the bus and then walks home). I went inside and treated the cat. I turned on the news to check on the rumor that we have two inches of snow forecasted tomorrow morning.

Well, sorta. It depends on the actual snowline that they can’t predict. It could be snow, a wintery mix or just hard rain. Either way, the morning commute will suck!

After changing clothes, I started working on the bedroom, office, hallway and main bath. I swept them with the electrical sweeper. Then I picked everything up and washed the wood floors with the WetJet and the wood floor juice.

I washed the bathroom fixtures and floor with Pine-Sol and hot water.

I had put my book in the living room, so when I finished, I read for a bit. When I got hungry, I added some mayonnaise and a splash of yellow mustard to my ham salad mix. I toasted two slices of sourdough bread. I got some leaf lettuce and built a big sandwich.

It was good (don’t get me wrong) but I screwed up. Since I wanted to use up my hard boiled eggs (they don’t last as long in the fridge as fresh), I put all four of them in. So, it tasted like egg salad with a hint of ham.

I checked the Blog (when the floors had dried) and the last time I made this I used the same amount of ham, but just one egg. Again, my bad!!!

I was disappointed, but it did taste good.

I went back into the bedroom and watched a little TV before bedtime.


  1. Maybe it's how you're walking? Oh, and I like the sound of "wood floor juice." You should write a song.

  2. I like the sound of your dinner. Don't hurt anyone with those wrists!

  3. @ Jake: Maybe.. I dunno. Write a song? Not a bad idea. Haven't done that in years!
    @ Carla: If only I'd used less eggs! :(