Monday, March 16, 2015

Lost weekend…

I woke up Saturday morning with my right eye swollen shut and bleeding. Oh, and my spare pair of glasses I was using was on the bed, minus one lense. So, I was generally fncked.

I soaked my eye with a warm washcloth until I could open it a little. Then I called Margaret and cancelled my massage. Next I called Michelle and cancelled my hair cut. No way was I going to try and drive to Farmington, so getting my new frames was shot as well. I also need gas, Cope and some eggs, but that’s not happening today. So, I went back to bed.

I put the soup out on the stove so I could eat whenever I wanted. I talked to Carla who called when I hadn’t posted the Blog on Sunday. But, mostly I stayed in bed, mopping my eye with a cool washcloth.


  1. That looks really bad. You should see someone about that...sooner than later!

  2. Any ideas?
    Insect bite?

  3. @ Carla: I keep wiping it with cool water. It got worse after that photo, but its going down now.

    @ GPF: Somebody else suggested that. Could be a spider bite, I suppose.

  4. Aye! The legend of one eyed Jack has come to pass!

  5. Your eyelid looks like a bacterial infection, but how did you get the gash on your eyebrow?

  6. @ Anon: I like it!
    @ Jyl: Simple! I fell asleep with my glasses on watching TV. When I woke up, my glasses were bent to hell, one lense had popped out (and it took forever to find it - it was under the dresser). So, I'm assuming the gash came from either the frames of the lense.