Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hump Day

I was watching the news Wednesday morning when they said that, due to a building fire at a granite shop on Plymouth Road, Plymouth Road was shut down from Merriman to Farmington Road.

Sidebar: Good to know! And, I actually know that place. It’s just east of Jimmy Johns and Farmington Road. I drive by it every day.

I decided to take the I-96 expressway to work, instead.

So, I got there early. Which was good, as my friend Michelle from Facilities came over early to drop off some food. One container was a casserole her friend makes whose name I forget. The other was a container of chicken tortilla soup, along with baggies of tortilla chips, cheddar cheese and two small containers of sour cream. She said her husband told her to tell me it was too spicy (she said he thinned it out with more chicken stock to make it edible). I thanked her and stuck it all in the little fridge.

Funny story: I had set up a meeting with Iron Mountain (our backup tape storage facility) and upper management to talk about tape restoration (one of the things we don’t seem to do that well). I told my boss I thought I might skip it and she said “Good! I don’t think we want to scare suppliers with your eye!” So, I did.

I went to the Newburgh Grill for lunch and had the tomato orzo soup and a patty melt. Neither of the waitresses commented on my eye, which I appreciated.

I walked down to CVS and bought a birthday card for my grandson, Carl 5.

I mailed out the birthday card and then worked the rest of the day.

Back at home, I turned on the news and then got another wet washcloth and ice cubes for my eye.

I eventually heated up the casserole for my dinner. It needed more salt (of course), but was very tasty. It was mostly ground beef, elbow macaroni and sour cream. I saved the soup for another day.

I had learned the night before of the difficulty of watching TV with my glasses off and an ice pack on my eye. So, this time I sat in the living room, reading a book until 10:00 p.m. Then I went to bed.


  1. Is your eye better or worse?

  2. Are we ever going to the doctor? or does your magic Ice work?

  3. Why on Middle-earth would he need a doctor? The magic ice was brought from the squirrels of Mirkwood in exchange for the precious Costco peanuts, precious.

  4. @ Carla: Much better! Colorful, but better!!!
    @ GPF: I see way too many doctors to go to one for a black eye.
    @ Jake: Thank you for understanding!