Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tuesday’s Tale

It was damn cold Tuesday morning, with an actual temperature of 4 degrees. But the wind drove the wind chill down to a -12 degrees.

I was grateful (again) for Rick having plowed me out yesterday. I could have easily gotten out with the truck, but taking the trashcan out to the road through snow drifts would have been tricky.

I went to the Newburgh Grill for lunch (mostly so I could go to CVS afterwards – I need a birthday card for Leon). I had the bean and ham soup (of course) and a patty melt. I walked down to CVS and noted the snow on the pavement was frozen into ice sheets. It was too cold for the salt they had applied to work.

When I got home after work, the garbage still hadn’t been picked up. I imagine they are running behind due to all the snow. So, I left the trashcan out at the road. If they don’t get it yet tonight, maybe tomorrow…

Speaking of snow, they said on the news tonight, we are supposed to get 2-4 more inches of snow overnight and Winter Weather Advisories are posted from 8 p.m. tonight until 8 a.m. tomorrow. While we did get a ridiculous amount of snow this past weekend, they pointed out that this year’s snow total to date was 35.0 inches. But last year, by February 3, we had already gotten 59.9 inches!

I had thawed one of those 8-ounce packages of diced ham, so I made that into ham salad. I had to hard-boil some eggs, first of course. But this time I did have celery, so I got that nice crunch! I served it on toasted sourdough bread.

I did some housework (emptied the dishwasher, picked up cat hair, etc.) until NCIS came on. Then I watched NCIS New Orleans. After that, I read until bedtime.

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