Friday, February 6, 2015


It was just 4 degrees when I woke up on Thursday. I learned on the news that the Alberta clipper that made driving home so bad Wednesday night had dumped another 1 1/2 inches of snow on us.

By lunch time, it had warmed up to 11 degrees. I just went to Time Out and, on a whim, ordered yet another special: two coneys and swapped the fries to try the cheeseburger soup. The soup was fantastic. The two coneys not so much. Nobody puts beans in coney chili, dudes!

I learned that Christy is leaving. Time Out churns through people! I barely learn their names and then they are gone. I can’t help but contrast it with Newburgh Grill, where they’ve had the same three waitresses for some 15 years (but I think they are all family).

I went to the bank to make a deposit and the gas light came on. So, I pulled into a nearby gas station and found the pump won’t work! I went inside and asked and they said the gas lines were frozen!

So, I drove back to the Sunoco at Plymouth and Levan (the last place the cold made the pumps not work) and filled it up.

Sidebar: Why don’t they put out signs saying that???

Back home after work, I noticed the warm temperature on Wednesday combined with today’s bitter cold had left ice jams and icicles on the eves of the house. Not good!

I ate leftovers for dinner once the news was over. I watched a couple of taped shows, but switched to reading until bedtime.


  1. I was jealous of your coney until you said it had beans in it...WTF?

  2. John, why don't you mention this to your friends at Time Out. And, when you went into the gas station, why didn't you complain about NO sign. a little late now to complain. Just sayin


  3. Sidebar: Why don’t they put out signs saying that???

    Perhaps it's not the cold. Perhaps they're too embarrassed to admit the vandals took the handles.

  4. @ Carla: ikr?
    @ GPF: Next time, for sure. I'm tired of this crap!!!
    @ Jake: I see where you're going with that. Could be!