Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Cabbage Soup Curse…

It was cold here on Monday morning. We tied the all-time record low (-9 degrees) which sounds bad (and it was), but not when you consider it was -16 degrees in Mt. Clemens and a whopping -21 degrees in Port Huron!

I was hustling to get to work and trying not spill the soup I was taking in for Facilities’ Michelle, so I forgot to take my hat and gloves. Dumb!

But, when I got to work, on my desk was the same container I had in my paper sack (I had refilled one of hers). Courtney said, “A little birdie dropped a present off for you.” And, the soup inside looked suspiciously like mine!

So, I walked my soup over to her building (really regretting not bringing my hat and gloves). Before I gave her my soup, I asked what kind she had made and she said, “Cabbage soup!” I gave her mine and we compared notes. I had potatoes in mine and she didn’t this time. She added ground turkey to hers along with the kielbasa to make hers heartier. But, what are the odds?

At lunch, I just went to Time Out for some soup (hoping for some German potato soup – thick and delicious). But the soup today was… Polish cabbage soup!!!

I passed and got a sandwich.

It did get to a high of 10 degrees here around 4:00 p.m. but then the temps started falling again.

I got home, got inside and stayed inside! I ate the last of the linguine with clams for dinner (No soup, thank you).

I watched the news. Then I switched over to the Red Wings game. It was scoreless through most of the game until, with only two minutes left, the Montreal Canadians managed to beat us 2-0! Damn!

I went to bed. It was 2 degrees outside.