Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Snow Day!!!

I woke up to the alarm on Monday morning. I watched the snow totals on TV and then visually checked it out. More importantly, I listened to the traffic reports (spinouts here, accidents there and oh, yeah the occasion big rigs that slid into a ditch).

I thought about it and decided I had nothing that pressing at work that couldn’t wait until Tuesday. So, I sent my boss a text, telling her I was staying home but would be available on-line if something came up.

I was already up and had a coffee, so there was no point in going back to bed. So, I made some soft-boiled eggs for breakfast.

Then I started doing the housekeeping that didn’t get done over the weekend.

About 2:30 p.m., I took a nap. Sadly, that’s when Rick revisited my driveway. I wasn’t sad that he plowed me out, just sad I couldn’t thank him.

I started collecting the trash for Tuesday morning, which meant leftovers for dinner (I go through the fridge weekly and pitch out-of-date foods).

I read in the living room for a long time and then went in to watch the new Ellen DIY show Jake told me about. Interesting!

I went to bed for real about midnight.


  1. I wish I was your neighbor. I wouldve shovel your snow. All three times. lol

  2. Thank you. But, its a little to far to ask you to drive.