Monday, February 23, 2015

Slowly doing Sunday

I felt like sh*t on Sunday. I was either coughing, sneezing or blowing my nose. My throat still felt like there were razor blades in it. So, I skipped breakfast.

I did shave and shower. I swear sitting in the shower until the hot water runs out makes me feel almost human again!

Then I slowly started on the weekend chores. I filled the pill box, wound the clock and watered the snake plant. Then I stripped the bed (I have been either freezing or sweating in it since Thursday night) and washed everything. I did three more loads of laundry after that.

I got out the vacuum and went over all the floors (there was cat hair, everywhere).

I checked in with Vicky and asked how she was doing. She said she felt like crap. I second that emotion!

I ran the dishwasher. It wasn’t full, but it was full enough. I read in the lift chair for a couple of hours. I have gone through two and a half jugs of cranberry juice, not to mention coffee and green tea and my throat still feels like shit.

But, I was seriously hungry. Seriously!  So, I added some of the herbed noodles to some of the soup and ate that for lunch.

Sidebar: You may wonder why I didn’t just add the egg noodles to the soup. I certainly could have. But, in making stuff for my Mom, I learned the hard way that wide egg noodles do not freeze well. You do better to freeze the soup and then add the egg noodles as needed. Sorry, Mom!

I finally put on my big boy pants and went out back to refill the feeders. The squirrels and birds had been waiting.

BTW, it was warm outside. Well, not really warm. And not as warm as the yearly average, but it was 20+ something. I’ll take that!!!

Back inside, I took a nap. I felt like shit.
When I woke up, I got started on dinner. I dug out four similar-sized small russet potatoes. I poked them all over with a fork (so they don’t explode) and then did my left-hand thing with them. I spray canola oil on them with my right hand, rub it all over with my left hand and then coat them with coarse sea salt or kosher salt on a paper plate. I put them on an open rack at 350 degrees and put a half-sheet pan under them to catch any drippings.

Sidebar: I would love to do the pine varnish (I’ve had them) but have no idea where you get pine varnish. So, salt-crusted baked potatoes will have to do.

That is, if I feel like swallowing…

While those were baking, I peeled and cooked a bag of four parsnips (I love parsnips!)

Finally, I seasoned a T-bone steak with Montreal steak seasoning and used my broiler to grill it.

Then I plated my Sunday supper.

Note: I really wanted pan-fried bone-in pork chops with mashed potatoes and a pan-sauce, but this was the best I could do.

I choked down three bites of the steak (excellent) and ate all of the one potato and the buttered parsnips.

When everything cooled down, I put the rest of the potatoes and the steak in the fridge.

One of the things I washed was the red blanket I kept on the kitchen chair by the heat outlet. It is Caley’s favorite spot to sleep. I had moved all the chairs into the office so I could wash the kitchen floor (I never did that, BTW). So, I put the washed blanket on the chair and Caley moved right in. She was asleep in seconds.

I was going to watch the Oscars. Instead, I fell asleep and woke up at 3:15 a.m. I gave up and went back to sleep.


  1. Dinner looks great and Caley looks like a feather duster.

  2. LOL! She is a walking, meowing, biting feather duster!

  3. Oh, and dinner was great. just wished I could have eaten more of it!