Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Monday, Monday…

I stayed home on Monday. I was sick as a dog. When I texted my boss, she said, “Good.” She said Vicky was staying home as well and all us sickies should stay away.

I mostly slept the day away. I did get one thing done. I washed the kitchen floor with Pine-Sol.

I made more of the chicken noodle soup for my breakfast/lunch and dinner. It hurt a lot to swallow.

Sorry to say, that was about all of Monday.


  1. Feel better Dad! Try to move around some, I hear that helps! Even though I'm sure to you it sounds awful.

  2. I did leave the house today (first time in four days). I shaved and showered, then made sure I was dry. Then I bundled all up and took the trash can out to the road. Major accomplishment.

  3. I'm not picking but I still hate the word "texted." It shouldn't be real. To me "text" is a noun, damn it! "When I sent my boss a text..."

  4. @ Jake: I was just telling a story, not thinking of the Grammar Nazis. But, I'll try to remember that!

  5. No, I looked it up. It's now a verb but it shouldn't be.