Sunday, February 8, 2015

Come Saturday Morning…

Insomnia kicked my butt Friday night. I woke up at 2:00 a.m. and couldn’t fall back asleep. So, I read for a while and then went back to bed when I thought I was sleepy. No dice. So, I played on the computer for a while until I thought I was sleepy. Nope!

I finally fell back asleep after 5:00 a.m. and woke up at 7:30. Which was not good, since I had a 9:00 a.m. haircut scheduled and a ton of errands to run. So, I hustled. I managed to make and eat some soft-boiled eggs, shave, shower, and get dressed and get to my haircut appointment three minutes late.

So, after my haircut, I went to Kroger’s to restock. (I had cleaned out my cupboards and fridge of expired things. I was ruthless. No, seriously, there was nobody named Ruth here at the time!) $104.00 later, I stopped at Westborn for fresh veggies and cheese.

Sidebar: As you know, I normally do my errands on Saturday morning. But I have never seen so many people and so many cars before. I couldn’t figure it out!

From there, I went to Home Depot for some stain and Michael's for a shadow box. Next I went to Costco (the squirrels were out of peanuts). Then I hit Office Depot. I got the Kraft paper I wanted, but forgot to check on the price for the toner I seem to need for my Samsung printer (damn!)

I stopped on the way home and got the truck washed to get the salt and crud off (not at my usual, great place on Newburgh – this one didn’t even wipe the truck off afterwards!) But, at least it was clean.

It was warm (well, above freezing) so I stopped at the house and unloaded the groceries. It was almost 1:00 p.m. and I was bushed. My back and legs were killing me so, when I had everything put away, I laid on the bed to recover.

My Brother Jim called to see if I had survived the snow and cold. I said I had and we chatted for a bit. After we hung up, I realized I wasn’t going to get a nap, so I got back up and headed out for the last few errands.

I went to the post office and (again) was amazed at the number of people. I was, like, 15 folks back (never seen that before.) and they filled in behind me so quickly the line went outside the door.

So, I waited… and waited… A seemingly desperate woman walked down the line asking if anybody had a stamp. I didn’t, of course (I keep some in my Franklin Planner but only have that with me at work). But the older lady behind me searched her purse and came up with one.

So, I said to her, “That was nice. Long wait. I thought that I would come in the afternoon and there would be fewer people here, but I guess I was wrong.” She said, “Well, I don’t know about anybody else, but I just managed to shovel out my driveway where the snowplow blocked me in.”

Then it hit me! That’s why there are so many people out this weekend!

From there, I went to the bank to deposit a check into the ATM that I got in the mail from my Flexible Spending Account. Next I went to CVS and finally, to the gas station. My little friend was there, with that killer smile.

I left the truck outside when I got home. I came inside and changed clothes.  First, I went out and refilled the feeders. I had to stomp out an area in the snow to spread some seed on the ground for the mourning doves and the cardinals.

Then I went back in the garage and set up my work table. I got out a 2x8 pine board and started cutting out the heads and tails for the two more rocking horses that my Brother Carl requested.

Sidebar: These always take the longest to do. The wood is thick and I have to use a thin blade to make the turns.

I had the garage door open (for better light) and a couple of neighbors who drove past honked and waved when they saw me working. I had my crappy pants on, my old brown farm jacket and my gray fedora (to keep the sawdust off my head). So, I must have looked ridiculous (I should have taken a selfie, LOL).

I finished those around 5:00 p.m. I had planned on working straight through with the jigsaw stuff but, after the last head took so long, I decided my blade was dull. I checked and all I had left were fat ones. So, the project is on hold until tomorrow and a Home Depot trip.

I was in the kitchen, washing the stovetop about 6:30 p.m. tonight when the doorbell rang. WTF?

So, I grabbed the handgun and looked out the picture window (the motion-sensor porch was on.) There were two young girls standing on the porch with snow shovels.

I set the handgun down so I didn’t scare them and opened the door. The oldest one (maybe 14) said, “We’re trying to raise some money to bail our Mom out of jail. Her boyfriend was beating her and she fought back, so they both got arrested. Can we shovel your driveway for money?”

I said, “No!” They were crestfallen. I explained I was a crip and my neighbor plows my driveway, but if they waited a moment, I would give them some money. I went and grabbed a $20 dollar bill and gave it to them. I asked if they lived around here and they said for now. They were living with their Dad down the street and described their house. I know that house!

I wished them well and, as an afterthought, asked them if they would mind shoveling off my porch (my neighbor Rick’s ATV with a snow plow can’t get up there.

So, they smiled (as if they weren’t taking charity) and did it.

Back inside, I set up my breading station. I needed to fry up the two eggplant I bought at Westborn (impulse buy, but they looked beautiful).

Sidebar: Why two? Well, as I said, this was an impulse buy and they were two for $2.50. So, I picked the two thinnest ones. But once I got home, I realized how dumb that was. I can’t eat one eggplant in a single sitting, much less two.

I switched up the second flour station. It’s usually just flour, salt and pepper. This time I added a half cup of grated parmesan cheese and some garlic powder.

I peeled both eggplant and cut them into healthy slices. I put some canola oil in my 12-inch skillet and started frying them in batches. 

I ran out of canola oil at one point and had to add more. Then I ran out of rack space and had to pull the early ones off.

Note to self: Never, ever, buy two eggplants again!

I fixed a plate and ate my dinner. It was good, and the parmesan and garlic added an interesting twist. But, to tell you the truth, I still like the way my Mother made it with just flour, salt and pepper.

I cleaned up the mess (and it was a mess) and read in the living room until I got tired. Then I made an early night of it and went to bed.


  1. “I was in the kitchen, washing the stovetop about 6:30 p.m. tonight when the doorbell rang. WTF? So, I grabbed the handgun …”

    Yes, because serial killers are always courteous enough to ring the doorbell before offing you. You’ve got some interesting idiosyncrasies, John.

  2. I don't get that many visitors and the ones I do have the courtesy to call first. I am a known old crip and therefore an easy target. This is not the slums of Gotham city, but not that nice of an area, so I am cautious.

  3. Ah. I just don’t see your age as “old”. My Daddy had his share of back surgeries at your age, but he’d just stand in his front door and throw threatening people into his front yard, the thought of grabbing his gun never occurred to him. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. The eggplant looks yummy.