Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ash Wednesday

It was a balmy 7 degrees when I woke up on Wednesday. And it was almost 14 degrees when I went out to lunch!

I just went to Time Out.

Back Story: If you remember, I was complaining a while back that Time Out didn’t serve onion rings. Well, a couple of visits ago while waiting for my order, I overheard the waitress, Nancy, asking somebody if they wanted fries or onion rings!  I said, “Whoa! Wait!  You have onion rings? I never saw that on the menu!!!”

She grabbed a menu and pointed it out. She said “It’s right here, in the small print.” I explained I was old and can’t read the damn small print!

So, today, I skipped the “Specials” menu and just ordered two hot dogs (with raw onions) and the onion rings.

Sidebar: They rarely offer hot dogs on the Specials menu. But, when they do, they are fantastic! They grill the dogs and toast the buns.

Anyway, Nancy bought out my lunch as ordered along with their version of an onion ring dipping sauce.

I salted the onion rings when they first came out (before the oil was cold) and ate the first hot dog with mustard while they cooled.

Then I tried the onion rings. They were seriously good! I ate about a third of them and then tried the dipping sauce. Forget it! I expected something with a little horseradish kick and was sadly mistaken.

So, I set that aside, ate the other hot dog and the rest of the onion rings. All in all, it was a delicious meal.

Sidebar: I still have to get to Red Robin and try their onion rings. According to Jake and Carla, they have the best in my area.

It started snowing lightly in the afternoon.

It was just barely snowing on the ride home, but the winds had picked up, so visibility sucked. I got home, got the mail and got my ass inside!

I made a cup of coffee and sat in the lift chair, reading, and waiting for the nurse from Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) to call.

Sidebar: I don’t know if anybody else does this, but here at Spacely Sprockets, anybody with a chronic health condition (high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, etc.) has to make two calls to BCBS each year at the beginning of the new coverage year.

This is not just mandatory, it’s blackmail. If you don’t do it, they raise your insurance rate. So, it always p*sses me off and I wait until the end (must be done before March 1st).

We have exchanged many voicemails, but she had finally called me last week and set up the dates.

So, she called and we talked for almost an hour. She’ll call again next week (sigh…)

I got a bowl of the tomato salad and heated up some of my Kapusta soup for dinner.

I watched the taped NCIS show again, (so I could see the end) and then the taped NCIS New Orleans.  I messed around on the Internet for a while, then shut the computer down.

I opened the cupboard doors under the sink and set the laundry tub faucet to drip (supposed to fall to - 6 degrees overnight) and went to bed.


  1. Yes Jake and Carla are correct. Red Robin has the best onion rings.

  2. we should go for lunch one day. They have a red robin in 6 mile and newburgh

  3. Yes, lets do that. There's one on Warren in Westland, as well.