Saturday, February 28, 2015

Finally Friday!

I slept much better Thursday night and went to work Friday morning, determined to make it through the day.

Sidebar: Well, I say I slept better, but I did wake up almost every hour with a dry mouth and sore throat from breathing through my mouth.

It was -5 degrees outside. Another record, broken.

Vicky showed up as well. She brought me in half a bag of Halls (I had given her half a tube of them that had sat in my desk for a couple of years, when she first got sick).

Now, as you may know from reading the comments, we had sort of agreed to go to Red Robin and investigate Jake and Carla’s claim that they made the best onion rings. But, I seriously didn’t think I could eat them, much less a burger. So, I asked her if she still wanted to. She said, no, what she really wanted was just some soup (thank God).

So, at lunch, I went out to Quiznos and got two containers of broccoli and cheese soup. They had chicken noodle, as well, but I am about burnt out on chicken noodle soup.

Sidebar: First time in Quiznos and I know now why they don’t advertise as “Freaky Fast,” like Jimmy Johns. They had just two women employees who took your order, made your sandwich and then you paid and got it at the other end of the line. There were about six people in front of me. When I said I wanted two soups to go, one of the women went over, filled two soup cups and put it in the bag. But then I had to wait to pay until everybody in front of me had their sandwiches made and they paid.

But, the soup was good and felt good on my throat. And I actually felt full for a change!

The afternoon was long and I don’t know if it was from being sick or the lack of sleep, but I started dozing off around 2:00 p.m. I mean, seriously. The kind of dozing where you are working away, but you head falls forward and you wake up, look around and hope nobody notices.

I thought seriously about going in the john, locking myself in a stall and taking a short nap. But then, I just took my afternoon walk early to wake up. That worked.

Late in the day, I got some disturbing (unofficial) news about upcoming changes to the department. Not sure if or when it might play out, but I wasn’t pleased. We’ll see.

When I got home, I was beat! So, I skipped the news and took a two hour nap.

When I woke up, I was hungry. So, I diced up a small onion and sautéed that in butter. Then I added a handful of some small-diced ham I’d thawed (the kind I keep in the freezer for soups or ham salad). Then I added three eggs I had whisked. I added salt and pepper and, when the eggs had set, sprinkled it with shredded sharp cheddar cheese. When that started to melt, I flipped it in half and ate a great omelet!

Sidebar: I apologize for not taking a photo (it was pretty) but I was hungry and didn’t think of it until it was too late.

I didn’t see anything on TV that jumped out at me, plus my back and ribs were hurting. The back’s been bothering me for days and I think the ribs are hurting from coughing so much).

I watched a livestream of a robotics competition my granddaughter was in for a while, but I never saw her team. Turned that off and went and read in my chair until 11:00 p.m. and then went to bed.

Me on Thursday

Friday, February 27, 2015


Thursday, I was determined to go to work. So, I shaved and showered, got dressed and then left for work. I made one stop (at CVS for Kleenex).

Sidebar: Lenore told me Vicky was here on Wednesday, but off again sick today.

Now, I didn’t feel good, but I didn’t feel too bad. My voice was shot, though.

But, as time passed, more and more symptoms came back. My back hurt, my stomach hurt (I think from not eating anything for several days – hurt to swallow) and I started coughing again.

Finally my boss told me to go home around lunchtime.

I spent the rest of the day alternating between the bed and my chair, watching TV or reading.

I did call my eye doctor. Luckily, they still make my frames, so I bought a new pair. They should be in sometime next week. Then all they have to do is put my old lenses in them.

I figured I really had to eat something, so I heated up a can of Dinty Moor soup. I got about five bites swallowed and then gave up. The stew went into the trash.

I dozed off a couple of times, but not really long enough to call it a nap.

I finally went to bed at 10:30

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Wednesday’s Woes

I got up with the alarm on Wednesday morning, fully intending on going to work. I shaved and then showered. It was sitting in the shower (until the hot water ran out) that I realized it wasn’t going to happen.

I sent my boss yet another text (she’s probably getting sick of them) and went back to bed. I watched the morning news shows, but eventually fell asleep. That was a mistake. I had my glasses on. At some point they came off. Then I rolled on them and the resulting “crunch” woke me up. I snapped them in half!


So, I got out my phone book and called the optometrist. Naturally, Wednesday the office is closed. I got out my old pair and wore them the rest of the day.

The next problem was when I looked out the window for my trash can. It wasn’t there! Just the lid in the middle of the road and at least one car had driven over it.

So, I got dressed and put on my down coat, hat and gloves. I went out and started the truck (first time in what? Five days?) It wasn’t that cold out, BTW. Yes, the lid had been run over. And, yes, I found my trashcan about three houses down, in the ditch. Not sure if it got dragged under the garbage truck or what. But one of the locking handles was completely gone and the bottom was busted out of it. I took it back home anyway, determined to give it a proper burial.

Dammit! I liked that trash can. We’ve been through a lot of, well, trash together.

Vicky sent me a couple of texts, suggesting I go to the doctor. She claims I am a lot worse than she ever was and is worried. I told her I am not worried and will be in tomorrow.

Seriously, with now four days without pay, I can’t afford to go to a doctor.

I still haven’t eaten my Puerto Rican dinner, but managed to choke down the last of the chicken noodle soup at 8:00 p.m.  Then I went to bed.