Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tuesday’s Trials…

Now, I mentioned yesterday that the branding iron popped a fuse the first time I went to use it. So, I went out in the garage that night and pushed the several fuses I still have not identified to get the plug back working.

Sidebar: It’s an antique fuse box and you can’t get replacements. If you remember, a couple of years back, the plugs in the garage went out when I ran the Skil saw through its power cord and I had to eventually bring in an electrician. He determined it was an iffy push thingie and suggested I spend a grand to upgrade my electrical system. (Um, no…)

But, I apparently pushed the iffy push thingie while trying to restore power to the kitchen sink outlets. Why would I care?

Well, I damn sure did Tuesday morning, when I walked downstairs into total darkness! The security light on Jake’s patio is hooked into those plugs.

At first, I thought the bulb had burned out. I checked the cupboard and found I had none left (Damn!) Which was a problem as the one light in my two-light fixture in my bedroom had blown out the night before (maybe it was me, messing with the fuses).

I revisited the blown-out outlet and realized it was a GFI. So, it finally dawned on me it was NOT a blown fuse. But, I had to get to work and couldn’t spend any more time on it.

But, as I said, without the security light, the downstairs was totally dark and I damn near killed myself walking to the bathroom. Not cool!

So, at lunch I went and got some bulbs and a few more furnace filters at Lowe's, after having some bean and ham soup and a gyro at the Newburgh Grill.

The afternoon passed slowly, but I was finally headed home.  I got in the trashcan and the mail, then went inside to treat Caley.

Back in the garage, I plugged the light on Jake’s patio into another outlet. I went out back to check and, sure enough, it was on. Damn! I had inadvertently pressed the one stupid breaker that was bad!

Since I was out there anyway, I refilled the feeders.

Back inside the garage, I pressed the stupid breaker about a 100 times. No dice. I gave up.

Back inside, I reset the GFI plug and the kitchen was back working.

I changed clothes and then got to work.  I emptied the dishwasher and then turned the date head around on the brand. I set the timer for 20 minutes after plugging it into the microwave outlet. When it was hot, I tried it again.

Then I replaced the light bulbs in the bedroom fixture. At first, I stood on the bed, but I am not that cool or steady on such a soft medium. I got the fixture off and the bulbs out, but almost fell twice.

So, I got the short stepladder, shoved the bed out of the way and finished the job.

Then I made dinner. I am trying to use up the canned goods I stockpiled (I don’t know how long canned goods stay good – years?) So, I opened a big can of refried beans. I warmed them up in my medium saucepan. Meanwhile, I diced two small onions. I put the onions into the refried beans. I put them on tortillas and added shredded sharp cheddar cheese and some taco sauce. I put them in the oven after topping them with more cheese.

When the cheese on top had melted, I pulled them out. I topped them with medium hot salsa and ate a homemade version of a Mexican meal.

It was really good. I should have added some hot sauce to the beans, though. It was a little bland.

However, I must warn you. I spent the rest of the night burping and farting. Caley decided to sleep elsewhere and I wish I could have, too!


  1. That looks like a great use of the pantry. Nice job Dad!

  2. It was good , if somewhat gaseous.