Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tuesday’s Tale

I put the trash can out to the road on Tuesday morning. It had just started to lightly snow. I went back and got the trash bag that had the old, dead humidifier in it. Then I drove to work.

Vicky brought me in my dinner! Her Mom, Evy, sent it in with her. It’s called “pollo quisado y arroz con ganulez.” Rough translation: Rice and pigeon peas with chicken stew.

It was snowing harder at lunchtime. I went to Ten Yen and got the usual. It was excellent, but I was bummed with my fortune cookie. It was a repeat of a fortune I got a while back!

Then things went all to hell. I had opened another savings account at my bank and they asked me if I wanted a debit card for it. I said, “Sure.” Not so I could withdraw from it, but so I could easily deposit into it.

So, they sent me a letter, telling me my new pin number. But, I didn’t really pay attention to it and shredded it. A few days later, I got the card, telling me to use the pin number previously mailed at any ATM to activate the card. Damn!

So, last Saturday, when I was at the bank, I asked about getting a new number. They said I had to talk to somebody in the offices, but there were three people in front of me. As you now know, I was already late, so I passed.

Today, I went to another branch at 12:30 p.m. and talked to the manager. She said the lady who could help me was busy with some other customers, but it would be just a “few” minutes. So, I sat and waited… and waited… and waited.

Sidebar: I could hear the conversation between the bank officer and the two old folks at her desk. They were talking about CD options (and there are apparently a LOT of options).

Finally, at 1:15 p.m., I approached the manager again and asked if she could check and see how many more “few” minutes it might be as I was already late getting back from lunch. I’m sure she could tell I was p*ssed, so she said, “Well, one of our tellers can help you!”

Why in the hell didn’t she offer that 45 minutes ago?

So, after a few flubs, the teller got it right and I was good to go.

But my frustration lasted the entire afternoon. Everybody seemed to be talking too loud. Nobody was responding to my voicemails or emails and so on. So, I was cranky. I ticked off Courtney enough she called me a “pita.”

Sidebar: It was her mother’s shorthand for calling her a pain in the ass.

But, finally (thank God) it was five o’clock and I headed home. It had stopped snowing about 2:00 p.m., so it was smooth sailing.

I got in the trash can, shut the garage door and came inside. I treated the cat and turned on the news. I changed clothes and then got on with my night.

I put all the chairs back into the kitchen and put the dirty dishes from last night into the dishwasher.

Sidebar: I was listening to Ann Delise’s Essential Music on Sunday and heard an obscure song by an obscure musician, but I loved the one lyric:

“My memories stack up like dirty dishes in the sink.”

Damn! I wish I’d wrote that!!!

I listened to Governor Snyder’s state of the State speech. I really like him. I know, I know, he’s pissed off a lot of people (including old people like me!) but, if you want a businessman to take the lead, you have to expect that.

Been there, done that. You   have to make the hard decisions. I had to lay off or fire 62 people during my time as a Vice President/General Manager. Never easy. But, it was for the good of the corporation. So, I did it.

Sidebar: Yeah, I kept track.

I warmed up my dinner in the microwave and then checked the TV menu. I had no desire to watch the state of the Union speech, so I watched some taped TV instead.

Dinner was fantastic! I warmed up the rice and then the chicken, put them together and feasted! She had sent way too much, but I am ashamed to admit I ate it all. Thanks, again!

I switched to reading until bedtime.


  1. Going to the bank is like having to go to the sucks!

  2. OMG! Please don't remind me! I have to go back to the DMV. The bike's title is still screwed up!!!

  3. What now? They still don't believe it's an '83?

  4. Never got the new title. And when I bought the license tabs, the registration still said 1983. Emailed the Secretary of State Office and they said to bring everything back in to straighten it out, :(