Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tuesday, and back in the deep freeze

I set my alarm early for Tuesday. I had a LOT of trash to take out. I had the two tubs of Christmas junk to take out as well as the usual stuff.

I forgot to mention, but on Monday, when I mentioned in passing I was throwing away Christmas ornaments, Courtney had said, “Oh, no! I need them! We went from a three-foot tree to a six-foot one and it was bare.” So, I went through the tubs again and pulled out as many of the useable ornaments as I could. I boxed them up and put them in the truck.

So, I printed off two labels, saying, “Please throw tubs away as well” and duct taped them to the top.

I moved the truck out (so I could get the tubs out) and left it running to warm up. It was freakin’ cold out there! I got everything out to the road, but had to walk through deep snow and my shoes and socks were wet!

I came back in the garage and decided going back inside was no longer an option. So, I left for work WAY too early. I got there about 7:05 a.m. and dragged the ornaments inside.

I found the track for my track saw inside, so I put it in the truck. One down, one to go! But, my track saw came in and I was pleased! I opened it up and got peanuts everywhere. I took it outside and put it in the truck as well.

I went to the Newburgh Grill for lunch and had the bean and ham soup with a patty melt. Then I went back to work and read a book until 1:00 p.m.

It was slow day in IT and it passed that way.

But, finally it was 5:00 p.m. and I headed home. I got the trash can in (thank god the tubs were gone!) and took the track saw and track inside.

Hell, I might just sleep with it!

I decided to deal with all the protein I bought over the weekend. So, I wrapped the chicken with three layers of cling wrap (my answer to freezer burn), divided the ground chuck into two packages of 1 pound each and then addressed the chuck roast.

I wanted that for some beef stew. So, I cut it up into one-inch chunks.

For dinner, I boiled some fresh pasta (Buitoni crab ravioli) and warmed up some jarred Alfredo sauce. I put that together and topped it with some fresh flat leafed parsley and some Parmesan cheese.

Okay, I admit it! I ate it all.

I watched NCIS and then skipped NCIS New Orleans (it was taped) and read until bedtime. It was supposed to go down to -10 degrees so I turned on the water in the downstairs sinks to drip, made sure the kitchen sink cupboard door was open and then went to bed.


  1. Did it ever get down near -10 or was 0 the low for the night?

  2. No, zero was the low here. But, it was like -12 below in Port Huron!