Friday, January 16, 2015

Thursday, Wednesday’s Ugly Step-Sister

It was supposed to be warming up on Thursday, but it sure didn’t feel like it. The wind chill made it all a joke.

I went to Time Out and got a grilled ham and cheese sandwich and some soup (two-bean and not that great – Bob is slipping…) for lunch.

Then I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and bought another room humidifier. Mine crapped out last night. I always buy the same one, as they work fine, are cheap (sorta) and I understand them.

Sidebar: I have asked for a quote for a “whole-house” one, but never got it. I have some sort of weird “down-draft” furnace and I think that’s the problem…

So, I spent forty bucks on the humidifier and, after putting on my gloves and hat, braved the wind and got out to the truck.

The afternoon went slowly.

Just before I went home, Vicky and my boss, Lenore, were chatting. I was just listening, not really processing what they said. Vicky, a single mom, said that her daughter’s daddy was picking her up from daycare, so Vicky had about an hour or so with nothing to do. So, she was baffled. Go to the gym? Go home and wait? Lenore sympathized with her, saying she had the same problem when her kids were young.

But, I ignored the conversation. It was only when I got home and thought about dinner that I actually processed it. Damn! I should have offered to take her out for a steak at Longhorns!

Sidebar: She loves steak and it is scary to watch her eat. She’s like a wolf or a lion over her prey. Make a move towards her food and she might bite you!

I set up the new humidifier and set the old out out in the garage.

Then, I apologized on Facebook to Vicky and got started on my own dinner. I made up my mise en place, by peeling a pound (as measured on my scale) of russet potatoes. I turned them into a 1/2-inch dice. Then I fine-diced two celery stalks and a medium onion.

I was making my secret CaptainK’s Clam Chowder, so I can’t tell you the rest. But, before 8:00 p.m., I dished out a bowl, added a pat of butter (required) and took a photo.

I went back and got another bowl. Damn, that sh*t is good!

I watched the Red Wings game, but fell asleep before the end.


  1. Looks delicious! The recipe shall be mine someday!

  2. Carla, when you get it, please pass it on to your OLD uncle. Thanks in advance. I just hope i am able to still make it in my Old age

  3. @ Carla: I'll will it to you :)
    @ OLD GPF: I fully intend to outlive you, so that's not gonna happen. But, I'll make some for you and spoon feed it to you (since you're sooo old).