Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Thank God It’s Monday!

(Wait! What?)

It was too warm to wear my new coat on Monday. So, I wore my jacket once more and went into work to rest up.

Some of us met with Michelle (my ex-cubicle buddy), who had the day off, for lunch. Courtney brought Aiden and her husband (and another ex-co-worker), Mike. So, it was sort of a family reunion!

I ordered my usual: a cup of the chicken tortilla soup and the individual antipasto salad. I ate and ate and ate the salad (they are huge) until I was stuffed. Then Courtney asked if my lunch was good. I said, “Yes, but I wish they’d remembered the bread sticks.”

Courtney (being in-your-face Courtney) immediate grabbed the waitress and asked, “Wasn’t he supposed to get bread sticks?” She said, “Oh, I’m sorry. I thought I brought them!” So she brought out a double order!

By that time, I was already stuffed. But I ate a couple with the dipping sauce anyway. They are like little bread pillows covered with Parmesan cheese and delicious. Courtney fed Aiden little bites of one.

I had a lot of leftover breadsticks, so Courtney took home some of them with the rest of her and Mike’s pizza.

I over-tipped the waitress for the bread sticks.

Sidebar: I mentioned to Vicky afterwards how amazed I was at Aiden. He was quiet, playful and happy the entire meal. She said her daughter Yanessa was the same way. That got me thinking. I eat a lot of meals in restaurants and occasionally hear little kids acting up or crying. That has apparently twisted my opinion that “all” little kids act up in public. But now that I think of it, it’s only the ones that do, that I notice. So, I apologize to all little kids who behaved and I didn’t notice.

Anyway, it was a fun reunion and I went back to work, stuffed.

I remembered that the mail wouldn’t come today, so I ignored the mailbox when I got home after work.

Once inside, I treated Caley and watched the news (mostly for the weather) for a bit. I had planned on taking the night off, but when I walked downstairs I noticed croc foot prints on the kitchen floor.

Sidebar: Not sure if it was the Saturday truck-loading or the Sunday thaw and carrying in groceries, but somehow (though I always wipe my feet on the walk-off rug in the garage) I trashed the kitchen floor.

Grumbling, I went to move the kitchen chairs to the living room. But the living room rug was covered with cat hair!

Sidebar: Last weekend really messed up my routines!

So, I gave up on relaxing. I swept and vacuumed the whole house, then put the kitchen chairs in the living room. I made a sandwich for my dinner and put it in the bedroom. Then I washed the kitchen floor.

I was stuck in the bedroom until it dried, so I ate my dinner watching Jeopardy. Didn’t see anything on TV that caught my eye, so I read until an early bed time.


  1. Sounds like a great lunch break! Glad you were able to catch up with everyone.

  2. LOL! I want my bread sticks back!!!