Saturday, January 10, 2015

Finally, Frozen Friday!

For a change (and it’s been a while), I had a great night’s sleep. I only got up once for the bathroom (around 1:00 a.m.) and woke up at an amazing 5:10 a.m.

So, I was ready for work early, but that was okay. It was difficult to gauge how much snow had fallen, as the winds had sculpted the light snow into weird forms. In some places, the ground was showing. In others, the drifts were two feet high. I’d guess the mean average was 3-4 inches.

I backed out of the driveway with some difficulty, so I put the truck into four-wheel drive on San Jose.

Sidebar: I used this so successfully in the heavy snows of last year, you might think I would do this automatically. But, it cuts into the gas mileage enough that I always pause…

I got to work slowly, but without difficulty.

I had a text message from my cubicle buddy Courtney, who said she wouldn’t be in as her son, Aiden, was still puking (her words, not mine).

Later in the morning, Kelly, our building receptionist, came in to look for Courtney. Kelly is very young and very… gullible (I’m trying to be kind, here). But, she smells good! I told her Courtney wouldn’t be in as Aiden was puking all over the place.

Note: Courtney had been kind enough to share details about car seats, bed, and so on in her text. Just what you need after eating pills that make you nauseous in the first place.

So, Kelly said, “OMG (I am using text lingo, because she talks like that), what do you do when that happens?”

I said, “Hell, it’s easy! You put your hand over their mouth so they have to swallow it!”

Her eyes grew big as saucers as she looked at me in horror, until I gave her a break and said, “I’m kidding.”

Sidebar: I like messing with Kelly. She’s way too easy, plus she smells good!

I went to Time Out for lunch and took a risk on one of their specials: a 1/2 pound bacon BBQ cheese burger with fries. I, of course, skipped the fries (have to watch my girlish figure) and opted for the creamy chicken soup. The soup was excellent (as I said before, Bob makes great soup) and the burger was fantastic. I had to eat it with a knife and fork, but they always serve “too” much food.

Sidebar: Don’t get me started.

From there, I drove to Bed Bath and Beyond. I was looking for an analog (sounds so stupid to say that, but…) scale. As luck would have it, I found one! Not nearly as cool as my last one, but no freaking batteries!

As an aside, I asked a salesperson if they had any bathrobes. A you know, I bought one last year to replace the old, torn and patched one I loved. But, it was a bit too small and not terry-cloth.

And, they did! So I bought one.

Sidebar: I also bought it simply because of the marketing. Instead of “One Size Fits All” (like the last one), it said, “One Size Fits Most.”

I trudged out into the wind and snow and went back to work.

The afternoon pasted slowly, as Fridays often do.

It was snowing when I left for home. I had checked the Google Traffic map and it said I-96 was slow. I almost decided to drive home on Plymouth, but then I figured the expressways would be salted, first. So, I took I-96. But, I was nervous. There had been a 120+ car/truck pileup on I-94 a few hours ago.

I never got over 40 mph and kept it in four-wheel drive all the way.

When I got home, I treated Caley, turned on the news and changed clothes.  put the new bathrobe, the old bathrobe and all the towels into the washer.

I set up the scale and tested it. You can use anything with a definite weight, like a five-pound bag of sugar or flour. I used my 10-pound hand dumbbells. It was spot-on. So, I gritted my teeth and weighed myself. Weird! I was the same weight as I was in November, and I could have sworn I gained weight over Christmas.

I decided it was time to address my filing system. I keep two files of bills paid; one for the current year and one for last year (just in case I need to reference “something”). So, I moved 2014 to the Last Year File and started the 2015 file.

Then I shredded the one-inch stack of 2013 receipts. That took forever.

But when I was done, I “baked” two of the largest Yukon Gold potatoes I had (I am out of russet potatoes) in the microwave. Then I warmed up the last stuffed chicken breast. I plated my dinner after adding butter, salt and pepper and sour cream to the potatoes. It was excellent!

I moved to the living room and read in my chair until I felt sleepy. Then I went to bed.


  1. Two foot drifts and 120+ car pile ups and winter is just starting?

  2. No, over there, they have lake-effect snow and it was reportedly a white-out.

  3. Funny thing was, there were two semis that caught fire. One had some hazardous waste, so they evacuated a three-mile radius. The other that caught fire was loaded with fireworks and they all went off!

  4. Damn people. It's been a new year for 10 days now! Enough with the fireworks and hazardous waste!