Saturday, January 3, 2015

Finally Friday!

It was less windy and a bit warmer on Friday and I, for one, was glad.

Work was quiet, with most people still off. I went to Time Out for lunch and had a bowl of the creamy ham and potato soup. Then I went to the Foodland 24-hour grocery store and bought some eggs, a bag of salt and vinegar chips and a bottle of yellow mustard.

It was 36 degrees (today’s high) when I left for home at 5:00 p.m. I stopped at CVS and bought a new battery for the digital scale. After I treated the cat, I changed clothes and then installed the battery. Nope, no dice! The scale still did not work. Sigh…

I checked the weather one last time and then I called Betsy. I explained I’d planned on delivering the desk Saturday, but we have a winter storm warning. We are supposed to get snow starting at dawn, then freezing rain, then heavy rain for the rest of the day.

I said that, since I’m bringing it in an open pickup truck bed, that would be a real problem. She said she’d rather wait than get a sopping wet desk. So, if it’s as bad as they say, I’ll try again on Sunday.

I sliced half an onion and caramelized it in butter and canola oil. Then I fried up the last three small burgers. This time I put them on the potato dinner rolls, with the dill pickles chips, yellow mustard and fried onions. I served them with the chips and dinner was great. I think it was the fancy mustard that made the first batch so “un-slider” like.

I checked my DVD recorder and deleted about half of the shows and movies that had built up while I was gone. I watched one NCIS episode that I’d missed and then read until bedtime.


  1. When will we see the finished desk?

  2. Yeah, I want to see your craftsmanship!

  3. @ Jake: I'll post them now
    @ Carla: Bah! I did learn lots of things on this one, (like snapping that chalk line) but I'm not that proud of it.