Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Sunny Friday

I stopped on the way to work at Ralph Thayer Volkswagen on Plymouth Road. My boss has asked if I would pick her up. She was dropping off her Beetle to get some work done.

Courtney (my new cubicle-buddy) and I got into an (apparently) loud disagreement about employee IDs. She said she noticed that Bob W. had an LC ID number and she didn’t realize he was part-time. I said an LC ID number only meant you were contract, not part time. She claimed that wasn’t true as she knew a mechanic who had an LC ID and was a Spaceley Sprocket employee, but part time. I told her that was ridiculous. Whether you were part time or full time had nothing to do with your employee ID. Your employee ID only designates if you are hired on or are a contact person. She disagreed.

My boss entered the room at that time, back from her morning meeting. She said, “What’s going on? I could hear you two from the hallway!” So, we cringed and apologized.

Sidebar: I am right (of course).

I went to Time Out for lunch and got a Rueben sandwich and a cup of chicken noodle soup. The soup was excellent, but way too hot. I only had about half of it gone when my sandwich arrived. Conversely, the sandwich was way too cold. It was beautifully made, but some of the corned beef was just not warm.

Sidebar: I’m gonna give the cook a pass on this one. It was really busy and I’m guessing he was in the weeds. But, we’re gonna talk if it ever happens again!

It was sunny, but still cold.

From there I went to the car wash at Newburgh and Joy Road. It’s my favorite. They do a great job hosing the truck off, then brushing it with soap before you even go into it.

Then, once you’re done, they hand-wipe it dry. I got the wash for free (my car wash card was full of punches, though I didn’t realize it). I tipped the guys who dried the truck and headed back for work (avoiding puddles, LOL).

Our receptionist, Kelly, was having her 22 birthday on Sunday. So, Art (one of the NVH guys) bought her a sheet cake from Costco. I knew I shouldn’t, but I had a piece. It was way too rich, but really good.

Sidebar: Courtney told me the sheet cakes at Costco are really cheap. And my boss chimed in that they are always really tasty. I can’t imagine the circumstance, but good to know, if I ever need a sheet cake.

Finally, it was 5:00 p.m. and I was headed home.

I got the mail and pulled into the garage. I treated the damn cat (so I wouldn’t be eaten during the night) and then checked the mail. I had another “Save the Date” wedding announcement.

Sidebar: I had mentioned to my friend B___ a while back that I had gotten a Christmas card from my other friend Leon’s daughter, Erin, for the first time. He said, “She’s setting you up. You’ll be getting a wedding invitation, next.”


But this one was a little weird. They asked me to reserve July 11 to join them as they get married at home plate at Cooley Law School Stadium (home of the Lansing Lugnuts).  Say what?

I watched the news and the worked on the computer for a while. I made a couple of liver sausage sandwiches. I had the same thing for dinner yesterday but forgot to mention it. Unfortunately, that was the last of the liver sausage.

I quit about 8:30 p.m. I decided to read until bedtime, so I did.


  1. Dad, you have to realize that it is ok to say, "I'm're wrong and I'm right so lets move on."

  2. So, does Meijer's make good Liver Sausage?

  3. So, does Meijer's make good Liver Sausage?

  4. @ Carla: Noted.
    @ GPF and GreatPapaFish: It was delicious. Sorry you never got to taste any of it. But, thanks!!!