Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Tuesday’s Trip

I woke up at the usual time on Tuesday. Then I started packing.  I shaved, showered and dressed in my traveling clothes.

I waited in the living room for Vicky to show. She had a birthday and Christmas card for me, and a Christmas card for Jake and Carla. She was going to give them to me at work today and was dismayed when she learned I was on vacation. Until, that is, I told her I didn’t have to leave for the airport until 8:30 and she could always drop them off at the house on her way in.

So, she did. I got a quick hug and then she left. I stuck the cards in my suitcase, double-checked everything and then I left.

I got my tickets and got through the security line with a minimum of fuss. Then I went to my gate and waiting until boarding time. This plane had bigger, softer seats (thank God). I sat in the window seat for a change and was joined by a couple She had reindeer ears and antlers on and he was wearing a floppy elf hat.

It was a Christmas miracle!

They said due to the storms, they were going to fly above the clouds. Which was fine by me as, when we broke through, the sun was shining.

Fine, that is, until I heard two loud “bangs” directly under my feet! I freaked until I saw it was the two bags of Better Made potato chips (my usual carry-on). Both had popped open at the top! First time that ever happened, so I assume it had something to do with the pressure.

The flight from Charlotte was a little more confusing. Every other announcement on the PA was a cancellation notice for an east coast destination. So, they were assigning people to other planes.

After I boarded the little prop plane, there was some problem and we didn’t take off. Seemed like they overbooked people on the flight and one guy was standing in the aisle with nowhere to sit. So, they had to have a ticket agent come in and determine who the last person issued a ticket was. It turned out to be a young girl, so they told her she had to leave. Another young girl who had boarded with her said, “We’re traveling together!” So they both had to leave. So we finally took off with one empty seat.

At Columbia, we de-planed and walked in the rain to the terminal. Jake and I had to wait a long time for my suitcase, for some reason (well, everybody on that plane did).

So, we got home late. Jake hauled my suitcase upstairs while I said hello to Carla and Whiskey. I eventually went upstairs and got settled in. I changed into shorts and a tee shirt and we sat in the living room, exchanging stories and catching up.

Later on, we ordered various types of chicken wings and dips, French fries, onions rings and I got a cup of potato soup. I was hungry and it was excellent (loved the onion rings – haven’t had them in a long while).

Dinner out of the way, we watched some TV, but mostly talked. Finally about 8:30 p.m., I realized how tired I was (it had been a long day) so I excused myself and went to bed. It wasn’t too much longer that they followed my example. I read a little bit and then fell asleep.


  1. re: "8:30 p.m., I realized how tired I was " God, Your getting OLD.