Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tuesday’s Tale

I had a restless night and blame it on the chili mac & cheese. Even Caley had abandoned the bed with my frequent burping. I took the trash can out to the road.

Then, I left early to go to Home Depot before work to get a 3/8 chuck-sized arbor for the 2 3/8-inch hole saw. They didn’t have one (which may explain why the guy sold me the 1/2-inch chuck one I couldn’t use). I got some AA batteries (I was out) and left for work.

I had a turkey club sandwich and fries for lunch. Messy to eat, but delicious. Then I went to Lowe’s. Turned out they don’t sell Milwaukee brand hole saws

Sidebar: Please don’t tell Courtney this. She told me to Google it and I told her that was ridiculous, Milwaukee is a name brand and, of course, Lowe’s would have them!

So, I bought a Lenox arbor and another Lenox 2 3/8-inch hole saw.

Sidebar: The accounting term “sunk cost” seems to resonate in this project!!!

Back home after work, I retrieved the trash can, got the mail and went inside to treat Caley. I changed clothes and got to work.

First, I balanced my check register with today’s purchases. I answered few texts with a friend (it’s all about the smell, not intellect). Don’t ask…

Then I rigged up the hole saw for the second time in three days. Pain in the butt, by the way. Had to use my allen wrenches, etc.

I centered the hole on the seating area, NOT the desk top itself, and then drilled the hole.

I got two sponge sanding blocks (rough and fine) and sanded the underside of the top and the molding by hand. An electric sander would have eaten the tiny detail in a second!

I got out the vacuum and cleaned up the sawdust. It was almost 8:00 p.m., so I stopped there.

I made a big salad and reheated the rest of the chili mac & cheese for my dinner.

I went in to watch my NCIS shows and found they had been replaced by Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and a rerun of NCIS!

Grumbling about stupid Christmas (I’m playing the Grinch this year), I familiarized myself with the DVD player (after finally finding the remote).


Please note: I am not yelling. I am emphasizing.

Then I went to bed.


  1. Eventually your sunk costs are going to form an island. What is The Wire?

  2. When I have a restless night I also blame Jake! :)

  3. @ Jake: I know, right? The Wire is a really good series that was on TV a while back. You should watch it!
    @Carla: I don't blame you, shorty!!!