Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tuesday’s Tale

I had already put the trash out Monday night, along with a bag of the Thanksgiving trip’s kitty litter and my suitcase. But, I topped it off with a little bag of Caley’s last offerings and headed into work.

Sidebar: That suitcase and I have been some places. Korea, several trips to Virginia and several trips to South Carolina. It’s been lost and then found several times and almost lost on the last couple of trips. But, one of the legs was broken off and a zipper didn’t work, so as much as I’ve been attached to it, depended on it and dragged it for 14 hours halfway around the world, it was time.

Did I need to mention it was cold and overcast most of the day? This is Michigan, so I think not.

I went to the Newburgh Grill for lunch and got the ham and bean soup and a patty melt. Go figure…

The have a big screen TV mounted to the wall that shows the news. I was surprised to find that most of downtown Detroit was blacked out! The DIA and Wayne State were being evacuated, municipal buildings were dark, people were stuck in elevators for two hours, etc. They said it was something to do with the aging electrical grid.

I know all about that. Getting old is a bitch!

Then I went to Lowe’s. I got a dowel (for another project) and some stain and polyurethane for the computer desk.

Back at home, I got the trash can inside and then went to get the mail. I had a present inside the mailbox!

I went inside and opened the package with GREAT difficulty – the guy from Georgia had wrapped it in Kraft paper, then taped the whole damn thing!!! Since I didn’t know what was in it, I was afraid to cut too deep. I found VHS tapes, two of my favorite Indian/mountain man movies: “Windwalker” and “Sacred Ground.”

Sidebar: There’s a story here. As I said, these are my two most favorite movies of the genre and I owned them both. But, all things must pass. Eventually, my VHS tape player took a dump. I could switch over to a DVD player or buy a DVD/VHS player for a ridiculous price. So, I opted for the DVD player.

At that time, it was illegal to copy a VHS tape to DVD, so I gave all my VHS tapes to the Salvation Army (or Goodwill).

About a year later, somebody (Walmart?) was advertising they would copy a VHS tape to a DVD for a price. Dammit!

So, I went back to the Salvation Army (or whatever) and searched for my tapes. They were gone!

I went online and Googled “Sacred Ground.” I found a DVD, but it was the “Christian cut” (not sure what got cut, but I could guess) and it was $106.00!

Um, no…

I had mentioned that to Jake and Carla in passing, with regret. But, (I am assuming) they found the original VHS tapes and this was an early birthday or Christmas present.

Thanks, guys! P.S. If this wasn’t sent by Jake and Carla, just insert your name while reading the above and thank you.

Now I just have to find the place to get the VHS converted to DVD.

I watched the last of the evening news and then warmed up a plate of Kielbasa and sauerkraut for dinner.

I did my first NCIS show and then switched to reading. But I fell asleep around 9:30 p.m. I gotta shake this South Carolina “sleep time” off!!! Give me Jimmy Fallon!!!

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