Monday, December 8, 2014


I woke up at a decadent 7:30 a.m. on Sunday. Since I didn’t set the alarm, I think it was the sunlight that finally woke me up. Yes, sunlight! It was still cold (27 degrees F.) but sunny.

I made a cup of coffee, posted the Blog and then moved onto the Sunday morning chores. I had a lot to do today, and a short time to get there.

Then I shaved, showered and got dressed. First stop was Home Depot for that 2 3/8-inch hole saw. Then I went to Costco for more coffee and (more importantly) more peanuts.

Finally, I went to Michael's, with a ruler and the measurements of the drawer space. It took quite a while, but I finally found a woven basket that both looked good and would fit the space. I don’t have the time before Christmas to make a drawer.

I was driving home, listening to Ann Delisi’s Essential Music on WDET, when she introduced her in-studio guests, a blue-grass band from Port Huron (of all places). They were great!

Back home, I went up in the attic and got my Christmas decorations. I set them in place and then started my Sunday brunch (I was hungry by then). I fried up a roll of pork sausage after making it into patties. I saved five out for the coming week’s breakfasts, and ate the rest with some toast.

I started the second load of weekend wash and went out to refill the squirrel feeder.

Then I got back on the computer desk. I pulled the truck outside and got my hand miter saw box. Today it’s all about trim and the top.

The hand miter saw is a Stanley and a good one. But, of course, I had to put it all together. This took about an hour! But, it was finally done and worked flawlessly. 

So, I started cutting the first layer of molding (I’m using two different types of molding to transition from the sides to the top, just to give it a more “furniture look).

When I had that in place, I put the top on. I glued the p*ss out of it. Then I used the nail gun to tack it into place and keep it square. I flipped the whole thing upside down and screwed the top on through the 45-degree angled supports I installed. Which meant I was kneeling on the floor (not a good thing with an artificial knee) for a long, long time.

Then I cut the cove molding and put that into place as well. That was done kneeling as well as I wanted to make sure the molding was tight to the top.

Note: I need the same molding for the face of the keyboard drawer. I had enough of the one, but fell short on the cove molding! Dammit! Another trip to Lowe’s!

I finished today’s work at 5:15 p.m. All I have left to do is to install the pull out keyboard rails, cut and install the shelf, add molding to the drawer face and then cut it down enough (through experimentation) to allow it to swivel up, out and down. Then I have to sand the whole thing down three times (using finer and finer sandpaper), stain it, let that dry, fill in all the nail holes, then polyurethane it three times, rubbing each coat when dry with 0000 steel wool, rub paste wax on each surface, let that dry and then rub it off and buff it. Oh yeah, then put on the drawer pulls for the pull out keyboard. Finally, deliver it next weekend…

I would like to personally thank my Brother Carl for volunteering me for this project. Oh, and if you’re wondering why you haven’t gotten my Christmas card yet, please direct all questions to him!

I was just about to start cleaning the house (next on the list) when my daughter Melissa called. We talked a long, long time. Which was okay with me! I didn’t really want to do anything more today!!!

When we finally hung up, it was too late to make the Sunday supper I had planned. But, I was hungry, so I made a fried egg sandwich. BTW, I fried the egg in a little butter, LOL!

It was after 9:00 p.m. once I got the dishes done. I was trying to decide between reading and the TV when I realized just how tired and sore I really was. So, I went to bed, instead.


  1. The desk is looking great! I know you still have a lot left to do but the progress you have made in a short time is pretty brilliant!

  2. @ Carla: Its like mise in place. Takes forever and is just a pain in the ass. But, if you do enough prep beforehand, the assembly goes pretty smooth. But thanks.
    @ GPF: Thanks! Still crossing my fingers that the pull-out keyboard works and still looks good, but I'm getting there.