Monday, December 22, 2014

Sunday, and the deliveries that never happened!

I slept in on Sunday. When I did get up, I made some soft boiled eggs for breakfast.

I sent a message to Betsy, telling her the desk was almost done and could I deliver it today. I also emailed Jerica, asking if they would be home in the afternoon.

I spent the morning installing the keyboard drawer. I messed up on side of the drawer face by screwing the top screw in the wrong place (these are little, wriggly brackets). No problem, though. Removed it, put some Elmer’s glue on a toothpick, shoved it in the hole and snapped it off. When that dries, I’ll just put the screw in next to it.

I talked to my friend B___ and then my daughter Melissa. Finally Joe, my grandson, called and said, yes, they would be home. I explained I was still waiting to hear from Betsy and if I was still coming today, I’d give him a call.

Sidebar: As it got later and later, I seriously thought I’d just drop the damn thing off at Carl’s and let him hike it over to Betsy. But that sounded mean, and it’s almost Christmas.

I rubbed both projects with a thin coat of paste wax and let that dry. Then I used a buffing wheel on the drill motor and polished them.

I took a nap in the late afternoon. Still no response from Betsy, so I don’t think the Marine City/Port Huron run is going to happen before Christmas. Dammit!

I took some ground chuck and made a big pattie. I fried that up with some onions and ate that for dinner.

I watched some TV, but switched to reading until bedtime.

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