Sunday, December 7, 2014

Saturday’s Highs and Lows

I woke up late on Saturday and it felt good! I had a lot to do, but the only appointment I could get last Wednesday for my hair cut was at noon! Damn holidays!!! And, since Margaret rescheduled my massage to 1:00 p.m., I figured I could get everything done in the morning.

So, I skipped breakfast, shaved and showered and hit the road. First stop was the gas station, where I chatted up my new friend. We exchanged our Thanksgiving stories.

Then I went to CVS and got three automatic refill prescriptions and some Christmas cards. Next, I stopped at Office Depot and got a wire grommet and a memory foam wrist rest, both for Betsy’s computer desk.

Kroger’s was the next stop. I spent 80 bucks restocking, but finally I have eggs and milk again!

Last stop on this run was Westborn for some veggies.

I went home, treated the cat and unloaded my stuff. I put away the groceries and then headed out for my hair cut. Then I went to Margaret’s house. But, she had a client there. She went outside with me and said my appointment was at 8:00 a.m. and she almost called me, thinking something bad had happened to me!

Sidebar: Another crazy lady, worried about me. At least she didn’t have Jake and Carla’s phone number! It’s hell getting old. Back in the day, if I didn’t show up somewhere, people thought “Oh, he’s probably stoned, fncking off or getting laid!” Now, everybody assumes I’m dead. Geez!!!

I told her, ”Yes, my original appointment was for 8:00 a.m. today, but you sent me an email changing it to 1:00 p.m.” She said she didn’t remember that. I told her I would forward her the email, but we better reschedule. So we did.

That gave me an extra hour. So, I went to Walmart (good God) to pick up and then return the drawer I ordered for the computer table (It turned out later to be too big). Fortunately I asked a Walmart associate where I should go. She told me it was at the rear of the store. When I got there, there was a line that didn’t seem to be moving.

I waited almost 45 minutes and moved ahead three spots. I gave up. I have things to do! That money is already spent, and I view it as a sunk cost (as Jake would say), so I shrugged and walked away.

By then it was almost 2:00 p.m. and I was starving. So I stopped at a little diner I’ve passed, but never visited. I ordered the meatloaf (advertised as “homemade”) and it was surprisingly good! The mashed potatoes and canned green beans left a lot to be desired, but the meatloaf was excellent.

Sidebar: My friend B___, when trying a new restaurant, would always order a hamburger. He said if they screwed up a hamburger, there was no sense in coming back. I do the same thing, but with meatloaf. I know its sitting in the freezer, along with “mashed potatoes” just waiting for some fool to order it, so they can heat it up in a microwave. But, I figure if it tastes good anyway, then they care and the rest of the food might be okay. It’s just a theory, but it’s how I deal with new Coney Islands and diners.

Back home, I treated Caley (again) and changed clothes. Then I dragged the air hose (100-foot) into the house and got the air-powered nail and brad guns, squares, glue, etc., assembled.

I took a quick break to refill the feeders and I am now officially out of peanuts. A trip to Costco seems to be in order.

Back inside, I started assembling the desk. I started with the side that will eventually have a drawer or a wicker basket (I can’t decide). Then I put on the other side with the computer tower shelf. I had to cut out decorative brackets and attach them under the shelves on both sides (I didn’t need them on the drawer/basket side, but was afraid that, after time and without front support, the computer tower shelf would sag under the weight).

I put in corner braces to keep everything square. I also put in a “D” ring (one of the one’s Courtney and I picked up one day just for this), strategically placed so that all the wires from the mouse, keyboard and monitor would be exactly in the middle of the tower when they came down. I don’t want wires everywhere making my desk look shabby!!!

I put on the two faces in front. The one above the tower shelf had to be braced, of course. But the brace had to have a pass though for the aforementioned wires. So, I used my biggest hole saw (2-inch) to cut out an access hole. Which is when I found out I don’t have a big enough hole saw for the grommet I just bought (it needs a 2 3/8-inch hole). Damn! Another trip to Home Depot…

I quit at 7:30 p.m. to let the glue dry overnight.

I filled in the Blog to date, listening to “Graceland” by Paul Simon (you can call me Al). Then I made a salad and heated up a Marie Callender’s chicken pot pie for my dinner. Nice to have the fixin’s for a quick meal when needed in the house again!

I watched the Red Wings game (I joined “in progress”) just as we tied it up! Go Wings!! It was tense there for a while, but we beat the Rangers 3-2.

I turned off the TV and was going to read for a bit. But, I thought better of it. I was tired, so I just went to bed.